President of the Republic of Tajikistan

Working visit to Temurmalik district

23.04.2015 10:40, Temurmalik district

Today, President Emomali Rahmon visited Temurmalik and Dangara districts of Khatlon region for direct acquaintance with the life of the population, status of implementation of government programs, orders and instructions of the Head of State, as well as with the process of creative works.

Working visit of the President to Temurmalik and Dangara districts of Khatlon region began with the administrative border of Temurmalik district.

Here, special attention was paid to the new garden "Dusti", which is erected by universal collective work in the area of ​​8 hectares of land. In the garden are planted the best varieties of export fruits, including apricots, plums, cherries, almonds, five varieties of apple and nuts. In general, over the last 10 years the area of ​​gardens in Temurmalik area has been increased from 320 hectares to 890 hectares, only three months of this year on an area of ​​126 ha new gardens have been erected.

At the suggestion of President Emomali Rahmon it was decided to build a roadside tea-house, since the garden is situated in a beautiful location.

In the village Kangurt of Temurmalik district with participation of the President Emomali Rahmon was initially commissioned a three-story building of Training and Service Centre "Mehri Modar" built by domestic entrepreneur Anvar Kurbonov. Teaching and service facility mainly consists of the center of adult education classes for the study of modern computer programs, languages, handicrafts and sewing shop.

During the exhibition of products of folk crafts, in particular, it was noted that due to the state independence of Tajikistan, the revival and development of national culture and increase of the number of foreign tourists in recent years has increased the need for the products of these rare crafts.

The building will also make available a service center of the State Savings Bank "Amonatbank" and numerous offices of consumer services, such as hairdresser, beauty salon, computer repair shop, TVs, phones and other everyday items.

Next to the educational and service center was opened a beautiful two-storey building of national tea house and restaurant, which has 300 seats.

In the restaurant was organized collective circumcision ceremony of 100 boys and 6 young couples wedding from needy families.

President Emomali Rahmon gave each boy toys, sweets and each pair of newlyweds - gifts from the everyday items, such as TV, refrigerator, carpet and bank cards with a specific contribution.

Here, with the participation of President Emomali Rahmon was given the start to construction of a six-storey residential building, which will have 50 apartments, some of which will be provided as a service apartment for staff of enterprises and institutions established by entrepreneur Anvar Kurbonov.

As it turned out, in the village of Kangurt only one entrepreneur has created about 400 jobs.

Residents of village of Kangurt were very happy of this accomplishment. At the request of women and girls of Kangurt President Emomali Rahmon instructed the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare to build and put into operation here in two years a Medical College.

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