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Working visit to Vahdat city

28.08.2014 15:24, Vahdat city

This morning, President Emomali Rahmon arrived in the city of Vahdat to get acquainted with the creative works and meeting with people.

Initially, President Emomali Rahmon in a picturesque part of which is located on the outskirts of the city of Vahdat, gave the official start to construction of the central stadium, cultural and entertainment park and school for 1,240 pupils.

Central Stadium of Vahdat will be built on an area of ​​3.5 hectares for the amount of 50 million TJS and accommodate 25 thousand spectators.

Central stadium would also include small and medium-sized fields, various sports halls and rooms for various purposes.

A new school for 1,240 pupils will be built based on the best learning environment and education, and it will provide a variety of subject-equipped classrooms, a gymnasium and an assembly hall, dining room and other rooms and classrooms.

President Emomali Rahmon in the framework of his working visit by visiting the picturesque city of Vahdat Romit Gorge, in the village of Tangai opened a private clinic "Parastor."

This modern hospital has 100 beds and has been built by local businessman Akram Holikov.

For the construction of two-storey building of clinic was spent 11.5 million TJS. For the construction of the clinic were employed 200 people. After commissioning of the facility some 100 people will be provided with regular work.

In the village Bomgura of Romit Gorge President Emomali Rahmon, got familiarized with the activities of farm "Shorazmi bolo", described as "a model and an example to follow," the cultivation of crops, vegetables, re-sowing and fruitful use of irrigated cropland on the farm.

The farm has 307 hectares of cultivated land and its workers out of 100 ha of irrigated wheat on average received 65 quintals of harvest and post-harvest grain on the liberated lands, a second sowing of grain. Experienced farmers on the farm on a plot of land sow up to 3 types of crops to yield a rich harvest. For this purpose, three types are selected, that will not interfere with, but rather boost each other, including corn, cucumbers and kidney beans.

In rural village Lijak of jamoat Chuyangaron of Vahdat, which is located in the Romit Valley, with the participation of President Emomali Rahmon was put into operation a new school building for 640 pupils.

Construction of the school was started in the 80s of the last century, but it was closed due to the unstable situation in the 90s. Now, thanks to the support of President Emomali Rahmon and co-financing of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan and the Saudi Development Fund in the amount of more than 9 million TJS was completed quality construction of the school.

The school has 26 classrooms, including those equipped with the object classes of the exact disciplines, the study of foreign languages, basic computer skills and the study of occupations for girls.

In Romit Valley President Emomali Rahmon has paid special attention to the enterprise for trout cultivation and gave specific instructions to the parties responsible for the further expansion and development of this lucrative industry.

It was noted that now in artificial ponds of the enterprise are cultivated more than 15 thousand trouts and 50 thousand small species of this fish. Here are cultivated 6 trout species, 2 of which are found in the local rivers. It should be noted that the most beautiful types of the trout is considered to be a rainbow trout.

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