President of the Republic of Tajikistan

Working visit to Vahdat city

15.04.2014 14:02, Vahdat city

Today, President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon arrived in Vahdat city to get familiarized with the course of beautification and construction works and meet with the population of the city.

The working visit began with acquaintance with the course of construction and setting up of activities of vegetable greenhouse to be built on the side of highway Dushanbe-Vahdat by local entrepreneurs from LLC Golden Group in the area of 6 ha. As it was informed, every hectare of the greenhouse will employ up to 60 persons with jobs, since here not only farmers and specialists of agrarian sector, but also engineers and technicians will be provided with jobs. In 6 ha about 360 people will be provided with jobs and salaries of 1000 TJS.

6 ha of greenhouse will be built at the expense of almost 30 mln. TJS of funds of local entrepreneurs. Besides tomato and cucumber, local businessman Qutbiddin Khayrov also intends to cultivate flowers and lemon in this greenhouse.

Afterwards, in Dustmatov street of Vahdat city the activities of enterprise for processing of leather and production of clothes and shoes on its basis and enterprise for production of large-diameter plastic pipes have been launched with the participation of President Emomali Rahmon.

As it emerged, enterprise for processing of leather and production of leather clothes and shoes has been constructed and equipped with modern technology under LLC Doro ohangar at the expense of almost 10 mln. TJS by local businessman Abdukahor Kholov and his foreign partners from Investment Organization of Dubai of UAE. This enterprise with its current capacity can annually process up to 500 thousand pieces of skins of herds and light beasts and produce from it in its sewing workshop different leather clothes and shoes. At the initial stage of work of the enterprise almost 100 people have been employed on a permanent basis here. In the near future it will employ more than 400 people.

 The enterprise for production of large-diameter plastic pipes has been constructed by the Agency of Land Management and Melioration under the Government of Tajikistan. This enterprise has two technological lines equipped.

In one of these lines pipes with diameter ranging from 200 to 630 mm and in the second from 630 to 1200 mm are produced. This enterprise with its current annual capacity can produce from 13 thousand tons of raw materials different solid pipes. The pipes of this enterprise are designed for transmission of drinking water, irrigated water and natural gas, and their working life is more than 50 years.

At the western gate of Vahdat city on the side of transport terminal Head of state Emomali Rahmon laid foundation to the construction of a complex of 26-floor residential buildings.

As it was mentioned, 4 26-floor residential buildings with 1350 apartments for affordable price will be built here at the expense of 400-500 mln. TJS.

A bit farther from this site on the bank of Kofarnihon River a big sewing workshop has been launched by President Emomali Rahmon. This enterprise will employ 1000 local girls and women in 2 shifts.

As it was informed, mainly sewing of school uniforms, office and military uniforms will be established here. But other types of clothing also can be ordered here.

On the two sides of this building 6 13-storied residential buildings will be constructed the foundation stones of which have been laid by Head of state today. These buildings will have 800 apartments with beautiful design.

President Emomali Rahmon also visited newly constructed area of Istiqlol which has been erected in village community Karim Ismoilov of Vahdat city for population which suffered from earthquake of November 2013, and got acquainted with conditions of their new apartments.

New apartments have been constructed, equipped and presented as gifts to 108 unsheltered families.

President Emomali Rahmon also officially launched the construction of new modern school for 2480 pupils in two shifts.

It was informed with gratification that the funding of construction of this school is covered by Dubai Investment Organization of UAE. Its high-level representative Abdullah Rashid Luta has confirmed this point. As it was mentioned, this school is to be constructed with newest conditions of education at the expense of 21 mln. TJS.

In village community Karim Ismoilov of Vahdat city also construction of a big cement plant and a scientific-production center for processing of seeds has been initiated by President Emomali Rahmon.

As it was mentioned, the center, in cooperation with Chinese partners, will be dealing mainly with processing and preparation for cultivation of seeds of cotton, grains and other plant crops.

This is a seasonal enterprise and it can process in one hour up to 10 tons of seeds.

During the familiarization with project of construction of cement plant it was in particular mentioned that it is to be constructed at the expense of 204 mln. TJS of funds of national entrepreneurs and its annual capacity will be 500 thousand tons of cement. With such capacity the enterprise will be constructed in two queues. The first queue will employ 250 and in future 500 people will be provided with jobs here.

At the end of the visit to Vahdat city Head of state Emomali Rahmon visited farming economy Safomiddin Karim and launched this year’s sowing of cotton.

As it was discovered, this farming economy is one of the biggest in Vahdat city and has 757 ha of lands at its disposal.

In its 150 ha it cultivates cotton, in more than 500 ha – cereals, and the rest – vegetables.

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