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Opening of "Imod" electrical equipment manufacturing plant in Sino district of Dushanbe

31.10.2023 14:18, Dushanbe city
Ифтитоҳи Корхонаи истеҳсоли таҷҳизоти барқии “Имод” дар ноҳияи Синои шаҳри Душанбе  31.10.2023

On October 31, the Founder of Peace and National Unity - Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Honorable Emomali Rahmon and the Chairman of the Majlisi milli Majlisi Oli of the Republic of Tajikistan, Mayor of the city of Dushanbe, Honorable Rustam Emomali, commissioned in Sino district of the capital "Imod" electrical equipment manufacturing enterprise of "Tojikgidroelektromontazh" LLC.

The enterprise was built on the area of 7 hectares of land with a modern design and in accordance with international norms and standards, the buildings under construction are 40 thousand square meters.

After the establishment of the enterprise here, it was possible to provide up to 850 local specialists with permanent jobs. 30 percent of the workers are women and housewives from the area around the enterprise from the Sino district. Most of the women here are engaged in technical work - installation of electrical equipment. During the construction of this enterprise, more than 300 builders were provided with jobs and good salaries.

The newly established enterprise produces 36 types of products in 16 production lines, including the production of intelligent electric meters, complete plates of 0.4; 6 and 10 kV, complete transformer substations 6/10 and 20 kV, elevator, entrance iron door, electric and solar water heater, high-voltage overhead line base, highway barrier, automatic fire extinguishers, various iron bases for lighting alleys and avenues, double-edged iron beams and processing of various iron constructions.

The production capacity of the enterprise is to produce 300,000 intelligent electric meters per year, 10,000 complete low-voltage panels of 0.4, 6 and 10 kV, 600 complete transformer stations of 6 and 20 kV, 24,000 iron doors, 40,000 electric and solar water heaters, 50,000 tons of iron bases for high-voltage lines, 130,000 meters of road barriers, 500,000 automatic extinguishers, 10,000 iron bases for lighting, 12,000 tons of double-edged beams, and 20,000 tons of various iron constructions.

The company produces 500 elevators per year, and 40% of its packaging uses spare parts from domestic companies.

The products manufactured by the company are of high quality and competitive, and there is a high demand for them in the domestic market.

The company has imported modern technological lines with digital programming control from the most advanced manufacturers of Italy, Finland, Germany, Turkiye and China.

The new facility has 4 workshops, including an electrical equipment workshop, steel sheet processing, steel structure processing and training.

The spacious offices are built using iron structures and high-quality panels.

During the visit and acquaintance with the production of the enterprise, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Emomali Rahmon, praised the modern equipment of the new enterprise and its products, and gave useful instructions and advice to the officials to ensure the efficiency of operations, production of high-quality products, increase the volume of production, and render products competitive.

After getting acquainted with the production process, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Honorable Emomali Rahmon, visited an exhibition of the company's products.

Benches and lighting bases for alleys and boulevards, decorations from steel sheets, iron vases, complete transformer stations, high-voltage overhead line bases, barriers for highways and other types of metal products were displayed on the exhibition deck.

The Leader of the Nation, Emomali Rahmon, while visiting the exhibition of the company's products, expressed his satisfaction with the support of the innovative policy of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan in the direction of rapid industrialization of the country by domestic entrepreneurs.

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