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Putting into operation of horticultural water line and familiarizing with the process of erecting orchards and vineyards in the Rukhak area of Bobojon Gafurov and Jabbor Rasulov districts

01.04.2023 11:16, Bobojon Ghafurov district
Ба истифода додани хатти оби полезӣ ва шиносоӣ бо раванди бунёди боғу токзор дар минтақаи Рухаки ноҳияҳои Бобоҷон Ғафуров ва Ҷаббор Расулов   01.04.2023

On April 1, the Founder of Peace and National Unity - Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Honorable Emomali Rahmon, commissioned a horticultural water supply line in Rukhak area of Ghoziyon village of Bobojon Gafurov district in the framework of his working visit to Sughd Province.

The horticultural water supply line, the distance of which is 1.3 kilometers, is brought from the water pumping station named "Kohirov" to the Rukhak area of Bobojon Gafurov district.

According to the information of the state department of land melioration and irrigation of Bobojon Gafurov district, the land of this area is more than 2000 hectares. Of the total area, more than 1000 hectares are arable lands.

With the construction of a new water supply line and renovation of the existing stations, which according to the data were built in the 70s and 80s of the last century, the irrigation condition of another 1000 hectares of arable land in the Rukhak area of Bobojon Gafurov district will improve.

During the presentation of the "Plan for the provision of fresh water in the Rukhak area of Bobojon Gafurov district" the Honorable Head of state Emomali Rahmon was informed that this year, with the financing of the Executive Body of State Authority of Sughd Province, the water pumping stations named "Kohirov", "Farhod-3", " "Yubileyniy-1 and 2" in total, 8 new units were purchased, and in the future, with the implementation of additional measures, the regular operation of the irrigation facilities in this area will be ensured and the problems of the previous years will be completely eliminated. The lands of Rukhak are mainly irrigated by these 4 reservoirs and are divided into two parts and are located within the districts of Bobojon Gafurov and Jabbor Rasulov.

In the Rukhak area, the farmers of Jabbor Rasulov district also expand the area of new orchards and vineyards and cultivated lands every year due to the improvement of the water supply situation. In particular, this year, farmers of Jabbor Rasulov district in the Rukhak area built more than 50 hectares of orchards of almonds, plums, and more than 2 hectares of new vineyards.

On this day, a new water supply line was put into use in the Ruhak area of Jabbor Rasulov district. More than 500 hectares of land will be watered with the use of the water line, the distance of which is 828 meters from the "Dehmoy-4" water pumping station to Rukhak area. 117 hectares of land in the Rukhak area of Bobojon Gafurov district are also irrigated through the "Dehmoy-4" water pumping station.

After commissioning the horticultural water line and getting acquainted with the plan of full irrigation of the Rukhak area, the great Leader of the Nation, Emomali Rahmon, visited the new almond garden, which was built with the contribution of the auxiliary farm "Rukhak transport gas filling station" of Bobojon Gafurov district.

The area of this garden is 5 hectares, mainly 3 types of almond trees are planted here, which are high-yielding and resistant to the local climate. The farmers built the almond orchard mainly on the basis of the old apricot orchard, since the productivity of its trees had decreased over the years, and after two or three years they will be enjoying its fruits.

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