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Commissioning of a nine-story residential building in the city of Khujand

12.08.2022 09:42, Khujand city
Ифтитоҳи бинои 9-ошёнаи истиқоматӣ, муаррифии лоиҳаи бунёди иншооти нав ва мулоқот бо ятимони кулли шаҳри Хуҷанд   12.08.2022

On August 12, the Founder of Peace and National Unity - Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Emomali Rahmon, commissioned a nine-story residential building in the 8th microdistrict of Khujand.

It should be noted that on the basis of instructions and guidance of the President of the country in order to support specialists in various fields, the house was built at the expense of the Executive body of state power of the Sughd Province.

The Head of State, Emomali Rahmon, handed over the keys to new apartments to workers in the fields of education, healthcare and others. Thanks to the care of the Leader of the Nation, 45 people became owners of housing in this beautiful building. They thanked the Government of the country for such a humane initiative.

The nine-storey residential building has 10 one-room, 18 two-room and 17 three-room apartments. The residential building was built according to the needs of the day, it has an elevator. Children's playgrounds and car parking are built in the courtyard of the residential building. The surroundings of the object are landscaped.

On the basis of the creative policy of the Government of the country, a national tea house with high architectural art was built next to this house. Teahouse "Temurmalik" was built at the expense of the Executive body of state power of the Sughd Province, it has a handicraft center, a hairdresser's and other service points for residents of Khujand, tourists and guests.

A project for the construction of three high-rise buildings and a new innovative school next to this residential building was presented.

The Leader of the Nation, Emomali Rahmon, was briefed that high-rise buildings and a new innovative school would be built at the expense of the executive bodies of state power in the Sughd Province and Khujand.

The school will consist of a basement, 4 floors and a hostel, designed for 640 students in one shift.

Here, the President of the country, Emomali Rahmon, held a meeting with 100 orphans, who are always in the focus of attention and care of the Government of Tajikistan.

On this day, 100 orphans from the cities of Khujand and Buston, Spitamen and Zafarobod districts, as well as a boarding school under the Executive body of state power of the Sughd Province were presented with gifts from the Head of State, Emomali Rahmon.

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