President of the Republic of Tajikistan

Congratulatory address on the occasion of the Youth Day of Tajikistan

23.05.2022 06:00, Dushanbe city

Dear boys and girls!

Every year on May 23, our country celebrates Youth Day as one of the most important dates of the period of independence of Tajikistan.

Therefore, I sincerely congratulate all of you, representatives of the youth of the independence period who are patriotically inclined and endowed with a sense of national pride, I wish you new achievements and progress, and eternal peace and stability to our beloved Motherland, which is a country of youth.

Today, our youth is considered a genuine and real support, hope and pride of society and the Tajik state.

The role and contribution of young people to the development of the political, economic and social spheres of the country is very tangible and valuable.

As I have repeatedly emphasized, in the modern world of great economic and social achievements, sustainable development of society, only those countries advance that pay due attention to the problems of youth and mobilize their rich intellectual and physical potential in the right and creative direction.

Given this, the Government of Tajikistan from the first days of independence to this day attaches great importance to youth as the leading force of the state and the generation behind whom the future is.

The history of the period of independence clearly shows that this creative force always supports the policy pursued by the Government of the country and makes a significant contribution to the process of its implementation, that is, actively participates in the development of all spheres of society.

Our youth, as the future of the state and nation, the driving force of society and the strategic resource of the state and the Government of the country, has a high sense of national identity and a sense of patriotism.

We are proud that our young people keep up with the times, understand the needs of the new century, study sciences and enrich their knowledge in higher educational institutions of the country and abroad, master foreign languages and the latest technologies, engage in scientific research and thus strive to make a significant contribution in the development of the country and the progress of the state.

Also, the youth of the country, without losing political vigilance, protects national interests and values in the context of growing globalization, the clash of civilizations and the negative influence of other cultures and alien elements of culture, is ready to fight any threats directed against our state and people.

Today, our brave young men and women faithfully serve in the Armed Forces, conscientiously fulfill their filial duty and national mission, serve as a reliable shield of the Tajik national statehood and play an important role in protecting the country's borders, ensuring state and public security and protecting the achievements of the period of independence - peace, tranquility, political stability and national unity.

Taking into account the contribution and role of youth in the life of society and the state, the Government of the country continues to use every opportunity to support and stimulate it.

In particular, financing of the state youth policy through state programs, the establishment of the Ismoili Somoni Prize for young scientists, scholarships of the President of Tajikistan for students of general education, primary and secondary vocational schools and a gradual increase in the number and size of scholarships, international scholarships "Durakhshandagon", presidential quotas for young men and women in remote areas, the creation of the National Council for Youth Affairs under the President of the country, the rejuvenation of personnel policy and the appointment of a large number of talented youth representatives, the reconstruction and improvement of parks, the construction and commissioning of youth centers in cities and regions, the construction of thousands of educational institutions - schools and universities, as well as libraries of international level, modern sports facilities, the construction of new workshops and enterprises, and other measures are also being taken in order to create favorable conditions for study, work and life of the youth.

The Government of the country will continue its efforts to further strengthen the status and position of young people in society and solve their problems, using the available opportunities.

In other words, with the growth of the country's economic potential, we will continue the process of supporting young men and women, we will take systematic measures to create better conditions for their work and life.

Along with this, our society, a significant part of which is young people, is now facing issues related to globalization, the aggravation of the political situation in the world and its rapid changes, as well as the growing scale of modern threats and challenges, including terrorism and extremism, religious radicalism and other types of transnational organized crime, require from our youth, first of all, political vigilance, extensive knowledge, mastery of the language, modern worldview and, most importantly, a high sense of national identity and self-awareness, responsibility for protecting the borders and national security of the state, nation, sincere love for the motherland.

Also, our youth should pay special attention to studying the rich history of the Tajik people, the valuable heritage of our ancestors, honoring the state language, raising the level of education, respecting state symbols and national cultural values, developing creativity and self-awareness, take the initiative in these areas.

Sincere love for the Motherland, a sense of pride in it, readiness to defend it, respect for freedom and independence, peace and tranquility, political stability and national unity, appreciation for the fact that we have our own state, respect for parents are among those values that our youth should make a daily motto in life.

I am confident that you, the patriotic young men and women of the country, are capable of successfully fulfilling all the tasks assigned to you, you will continue to faithfully serve and work together for the sake of the improvement of our beloved Motherland - Tajikistan and the progress of the Tajik state.

Once again, I congratulate all of you, the successors of the traditions of ancient history and culture of the civilized Tajik people, on the occasion of Youth Day and wish each of you good health, happiness, strong will and success in your endeavors for the benefit of our beloved Motherland.

Happy Day of Youth, behind which is the future of independent Tajikistan!

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