President of the Republic of Tajikistan

Speech in the Central Stadium of Panjakent

14.04.2022 19:21, Panjakent city

Dear compatriots!

Happy International Navruz Holiday to all residents of Soughd Province, including the inhabitants of the ancient Panjakent, and each of you, honorable participants. I express my gratitude to you for your creative, patriotic work and warm welcome.

Since ancient times the Aryan people, including Tajiks, celebrated the New Year of their ancestors, that is, Navruz, by maintaining the cleanliness and improvement of their homes and environment, preparing for spring sowing, building and development activities.

According to the archaeological findings and the research of historians, the above-mentioned traditions of Navruz are of particular importance especially in ancient Sarazm, which is one of the origins of the history of the ancient Tajik people and the center of education, culture of urban planning, handicraft and agriculture of Tajiks.

Sarazm is recognized and approved by world-famous archaeologists, and as all the glorious people of Tajikistan remember, we celebrated the 5500th anniversary of this ancient city on the basis of the UNESCO decision almost two years ago, on September 12, 2020, in Panjakent, and we proudly analyzed the ancient history and civilization of the Tajik people.

The hard-working people of ancient Panjakent, the homeland of the founder of the Tajik-Persian literature, "Adam of the poets" - Abuabdullo Rudaki, and one of the centers of science, literature, knowledge and education of the Tajik people, inherited a good creative tradition from the ancient civilization of our people. As holders of traditions and customs formed in the ancient Sarazm, they constantly  show their national values and traditions of Navruz in practice with a high sense of patriotism.

Along with the fact that Panjakent is one of the ancient sites of our country, it also has a great production potential and is one of the largest industrial cities in the country, that makes a significant contribution to the development of the national economy.

Nature, climate, rich water resources and productive land, that is, the enormous resources of Panjakent are very favorable for the development of key sectors of agriculture, including horticulture, plant growing, potato growing, animal husbandry, as well as for agricultural production and protection of food security.

According to the analysis and observations, the socio-economic situation of the city is improving every year, and progress is being made in many areas.

In Panjakent, 328 mineral deposits have been discovered, including large reserves of precious metals and decorative stones, which are of great economic importance for the development of the country and the city.

The government of the country is taking all necessary measures to establish the extraction and processing of the mentioned resources, and will continue this process in the future.

During the period of independence, with the support of the Government of the country and with the involvement of domestic and foreign investments, we built more than 80 new production enterprises and workshops in Panjakent, which contributes to enrichment of the local budget, employment of residents and increase their income.

Despite these successes, it is necessary to take additional measures using all available resources and opportunities to ensure greater development of industry,  train highly qualified industrial stuff, and increase the industrial production with the use of the new technologies and, above all, produce goods for export.

A number of specific and effective measures had been taken to develop the agricultural sector in recent years, which is key to achieving one of our national strategic goals – ensuring food security and access of the population to quality food, and is the source of raw materials for processing enterprises, increasing the volume of products aimed at export and, most importantly, for the creation of new jobs.

It should be noted that in the framework of the Program for the socio-economic development of Panjakent for 2021-2025, we plan to implement 118 projects for the amount of 1,860 billion Tajik Somoni.

Currently, the Government of the country is implementing 8 investment projects in Panjakent aimed at improving education, water supply, commercialization of agriculture, improving the electricity transmission system and adaptation to climate change.

In addition to this, at the initiative of entrepreneurs endowed with a sense of pride, dozens of facilities and buildings of various target, including production enterprises and workshops, social buildings, are commissioned in Panjakent every year, which contributes to improving the living standards of the residents of the city and its surrounding villages.

Residents of ancient Panjakent built and put into operation 447 facilities and buildings on the occasion of the great holiday - the 30th anniversary of the Independence of Tajikistan.

I express my gratitude to the glorious people of Panjakent, entrepreneurs endowed with a sense of pride and generous souls for such patriotic efforts.

The creation of hundreds of social facilities, such as schools, kindergartens, medical institutions, as well as the construction of new industrial enterprises as the result of the hard work of the people, contributes to the improvement and prosperity of ancient Panjakent and the improvement of the living conditions of its residents.

It should be noted that the process of construction of new industrial, social, service and cultural facilities is going on continuously.

I am sure that such creative actions will expand in the future, and by the 35th anniversary of the independence of Tajikistan, Panjakent will become even more flourishing and beautiful. With the construction of hundreds of new facilities in the city, modern living and recreation conditions will be provided for residents, tourists and guests.

Dear compatriots!

Today, |when sowing and other agricultural activities are expanding in our countr, and the improvement of residential buildings and settlements, streets and avenues is being activated with the onset of the spring season, I appeal to all residents of Panjakent, especially to experienced farmers, including the heads of dekhkan farms, agricultural producers and all those who have at least an inch of arable land, and I emphasize that it is necessary to ensure the efficient use of land and water.

The extremely fluid politico - economic situation around the world requires each of us to take a far-sighted view of the development of our country and ensure a decent standard of living for our people.

In addition to the many security challenges facing the planet's inhabitants today, climate change and its adverse effects, such as drought, low water season and the spread of infectious diseases, are further exacerbating the situation.

In such a sensitive period of today's world, we must make the most of all opportunities, including abundant water, household plots and presidential lands to produce more products, ensure a two-year stock of food for every family, and prevent our people from experiencing food supply scarcity, especially in the coming winter season.

In this process, priority should be given to the development and irrigation of new lands as Panjakent is located at the origin of the river and there are many undeveloped land resources on its territory.

Our dear compatriots are well aware of the very turbulent situation in the modern world and we must always remember the experience and lessons of our wise ancestors regarding the respect for the land.

Today, the world community is going through one of the most difficult and complicated years in its history.

I reiterate that due to political and economic conflicts, financial sanctions, as well as the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic, the global problem of climate warming and its negative consequences, the access of the world's population to food is difficult, and prices for all types of goods, primarily on food products are growing at an unprecedented rate throughout the world.

Taking this opportunity, I once again appeal to the glorious people of Tajikistan, I call on everyone: in the extremely difficult conditions of today's world, we should work together, conscientiously and devotedly, use all the opportunities that nature has created for us, that is, abundant water, fertile land, and and favorable climate, as efficiently as possible.

Our most important wealth is hardworking, glorious people, and experienced farmers.

Therefore, we should not feel fear, panic and despondency from today's circumstances, because our people survived difficult times - the imposed civil war and two years of the spread of the dangerous COVID-19 pandemic with great patience, self-control and united work.

We should continue to be united and unified, support each other in difficult times, especially lend a helping hand to orphans and persons with disabilities, the poor and the needy, the sick and families without a breadwinner, be thrifty in all areas of life.

Dear friends!

In the history of our people, Panjakent is of particular importance as one of the ancient cities.

It is not only one of the main industrial and agricultural cities of the country, but also one of the archaeological sites, a picturesque corner of our dear Tajikistan. It has gained world fame with its hardworking, skilled, educated and hospitable people, as well as beautiful nature, juicy fruits and unique architectural monuments.

In particular, the beautiful nature of Panjakent has a huge tourism potential, and the clear water of Zarafshon river, lakes and springs is very favorable for the development of domestic and foreign tourism.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to the full use of the available opportunities of the city, the development of crafts, including folk arts such as painting, carving, pottery, sewing, as well as the development of tourism, in particular, environmental, medical, cultural, historical, and ethnographic, creation of industry infrastructure and the use of effective means for the presentation of historical and tourism sites.

It should not be forgotten that Panjakent, as one of the most reputable cities in the Central Asian region, played a significant role in the development of the Great Silk Road in the 5th-8th centuries. AD, and in strengthening political, economic, trade, social and cultural ties.

I would like to remind you once again that Panjakent, as one of the centers of civilization, culture, science and education of our people and the homeland of the founder of Tajik and Persian classical literature, "Adam of the poets" -Abuabdullo Rudaki, is a real pride for the Tajik nation.

I declare with confidence that the glorious and noble residents of this ancient city, with creative efforts and creative initiatives, will turn their region into one of the most prosperous corners of the country and a wonderful tourist area in the near future.

I am also sure that the people of this ancient land will continue good national traditions, make a worthy patriotic contribution to the construction of modern workshops and enterprises, including in the light and food industries, to the development of crafts, creation of new jobs, an increase in exports, and also to expansion of charity, support for orphans and persons with disabilities, poor and needy families, especially during the holy month of Ramadan.

I wish good luck and success in this noble cause to all patriotic and hardworking residents of ancient Panjakent.

Once again, I sincerely congratulate all the patriotic people of the Soughd Province and ancient Panjakent on the occasion of the New Year holiday - International Navruz, which, with its graceful steps, brought the good news of spring to our sunny land. I wish each of you good health, happiness and prosperity.

Be always happy, dear compatriots!

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