President of the Republic of Tajikistan

Speech at the celebration of the 14th anniversary of the National Unity Day

26.06.2011 17:00, Dushanbe city

Dear fellow-citizens!
Distinguished audience!

Today, as we are together on the threshold of the celebration of the anniversary of National Reconciliation Day, that is a historical and determining date of national unity, establishing lasting peace and overall stability, casting the first stone of development in all areas of society’s life in the new history of our independent country, I sincerely congratulate every citizen of Tajikistan, all our countrymen living abroad and all of you, dear ladies and gentlemen, with this occasion.

It was particularly due to national conciliation and uniting political forces on its ground, reaching an accord in society that we could achieve state independence and protect territorial integrity of our country, as well as provide consolidation of the people of Tajikistan fourteen years ago.

Hence, by years elapsing we more and more realize the historical significance of this crucial date, the value of peace and stability and the importance of national reconciliation as an invaluable wealth, and we will always strive to preserve this sustainable and long-lasting peace, celebrating every year the National Reconciliation with a special pride and satisfaction as well as splendor and magnificence.

This year celebration of the Unity Day falls on the eve of great and festive commemoration of our nation – the 20 anniversary of the state independence that will take place in our capital Dushanbe.

This landmark date gave the start in formation of new period of our independent state, establishing staunch and unbreakable basis for promotion of state renaissance.

Today we can say with full confidence that prosperity and well-being of our beloved homeland – Tajikistan are the fruits of our independence and national unity.

Therefore, every resident of the country has to make an aspiration and make vigorous efforts in order to strengthen national reconciliation, develop national statehood and promote prosperity with the sense of thankfulness to peace and stability which we today enjoy.

Current political situation in the region and in the world obliges us to use all constructive forces of society for protection of achievements of the independence, strengthening statehood, national unity, peace and stability, and ensuring extensive socio-economic development in the country.

To this end, young people of the country have to play a decisive role, being the leading and constructive force, since the future of every country and nation depends on youth. This point is particularly important for Tajikistan, as the majority of our population is composed of young people.

From this point of view, in the process of an implementation of public policy we take young people as our major support.

All people of the country, particularly young generation, in their turn, have to always remember that national reconciliation along with the independence is an invaluable wealth of our society, and development of all areas of our life, improvement of the living standard of our nation, prosperity of our homeland and the future of our independent state and our national statehood precisely depend on unity, solidarity as well as peace and stability of the people of Tajikistan.

In this context, continuous advancement of national identity and promotion of significance of the national unity among young generation has to be determined as one of the most important dimensions and major norms of education.

This constructive path, i.e. building strong national identity, will urge oneself to admire the value of homeland, national wealth such as independence, freedom and national symbols, high cultural values, native language, the worldwide known literature and ancient history and culture of this nation, at the same time, striving to pass this valuable heritage to next generation.

To date, the culture of state-building and statehood entered our society with a new shape and is developing step by step, leading us to creativity.

In this light, the foundation of national reconciliation as a grounding idea in society is strengthening day by day, as young and old people of Tajikistan always seek for prosperity and peace.

By this main and nation-wide foundation, we can unite all segments of society and ensure sustainable development in all areas of life of the society. For this purpose, maintaining favorable condition for peace and stability, mutual understanding, respect of opinion and positions, accord in society, tolerance and constructive intentions of political parties and public organizations are essential.

To live in harmony and in an atmosphere of unity and agreement, generosity and courtesy is considered to be one of the features of human coexistence in all times.

As our ancestors say, power and luck of every nation depends on the unity and entirety of its people.
National unity always wins over the war and discord. That is why, a soul task, a divine duty and human treatise of every member of our nation that has a dignity, high sense of self-identity and love towards homeland is to strengthen friendship and brotherhood, reinforce peace and prosperity, national unity as well as to protect the achievements of our independence. We have to love our homeland sincerely and by all heart, and continuously strive for its development and prosperity.

In this case, we can strengthen the belief and confidence of people in foundations of national unity, independence and national statehood as well as unceasingly implement our large-scale constructive plans.

Independence and national unity are two wings of a success story and two pivotal pillars of the culture of our statehood that empower each other.

For happiness of today’s and future generations, we own a nation state that is flourishing in the realm of unity and reconciliation and existing in peace and stability.

It is in this period of time, that we found a historical possibility to strengthen the foundations of our statehood through the idea of national unity, which itself means expression of viewpoint of the majority of our population, to outline great and constructive projects to offer a life of dignity and high living standard of the population, to resolve current difficulties and challenges we are facing, and to bring prosperity to our homeland, working day and night, so to leave a flourishing land and a developed country to generations to come.

To have better achievements in this direction, it is necessary for the whole society to pay a particular attention to the issue of education.

New generation and young people have to be educated in the spirit of patriotism and love to homeland, so they feel themselves as true successors of this country and society, and strive for prosperity of their glorious homeland. Today science is developing in the world with unimaginable speed and newest modern technologies are being produced. Young people in our country should not be chained by traditions of superstition and prejudice, but rather be better aware of achievements of science and technology of the contemporary world, widen the horizon of their world-view, acquire modern knowledge adopt best practices and go along the development of the time.

Using the achievements of science and modern technology as well as national traditions and moral values, our ultimate goal is to bring up a well-educated generation with an advanced culture that could take the responsibility over the future destiny of their country and people.

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Peace, unity and tolerance became the precious values of the nature and spirit of the Tajik people, being mixed by our existence, and having great significance in building our culture and ethics as well as moral life of our society.

Along the world-known culture of the ancient and civilized Tajik nation, peace, unity and tolerance added new value and a powerful strength to us – Tajiks as three determining moral jewels in our history and destiny of hundred years of instability and volatility.

Every society needs a goal and a pointer to define its path of development accordingly. Such goal has to be set on the basis of history, values and sense of national identity, corresponding to the needs and existing realities of society and uniting the major layers of society around itself so to lead the people towards development and prosperity. Foundation of national unity is such an idea and uniting goal for all of us.

Building the bases of reconciliation and unity is one of the principal tasks of every nation that has a state, as without the idea of sustainable national unity and clear definition of historical path of every nation, continuation of its efforts towards great political and socio-economic achievements can be not only difficult, but even impossible.

Certainly, it is not the first time that our nation within its own history faces with the necessity of addressing such challenges.

The glorious and noble sons of the Tajik nation seeking proper and worthy responses to these challenges for several times helped to take the people out of ideological deadlock and shown new ways of achieving the progress and prosperity to the present and next generations.

In this context, I would like to particularly draw your attention to a specific and important issue. Only after thousand years of statelessness, our nation regained a state and attained independence.

Particularly national state, independent free and democratic nation has brought historic opportunity for us to build an idea of national unity and reconciliation and determine ways and approach towards future, to create a lasting public opinion which includes justice, as well as helps to unite the nation, links today’s and the future day of the people and meets the needs of the members of society. In general, we succeed to building a public comprehensive opinion which to be a guideline and a program for origin, protection and development of the Tajik nation and finally be recognized as a national idea of Tajiks.

In the modern terms, strengthening and formation of such idea cannot be developed in the form of a propaganda slogan, but would be possible only in the form of elaboration of a concept or target program on a prospect of the national development. Elaboration of such determining document is not easy. Therefore, it should be made through the involvement of respected and authoritative representatives of all segments and sections of society.

National unity is the basis for stability of the people, guarantee of the progress of the state and the most important factor of the development of society.

Thereby, every devoted and noble citizen, self-aware and patriotic son of the nation should breed a good sense of unity in the bottom of own heart and mind and make extensive efforts and aspiration for the strengthening and reinforcement of this unity as unique national value and invaluable achievement of the independence era.

The Tajik nation does not forget the horror of imposed civil war, difficult period and enormous damage caused by that war. In this regard, we all should be vigilant more than ever, to always respect the state independence of the nation and value our freedom and sovereignty and prioritize our statehood and homeland.

At this juncture, namely, unity and consolidation, solidarity, integration and mutual understanding will help us to lay a solid ground for the building and development of an overall idea of the national unity and this noble idea will further guide the people for visible and grand victories and triumphs.

Since, genuine wisdom of our civilized nation particularly was established thanks to the national self-identity, respect to culture, education and love towards nation and Homeland.

These facilitated to building a staunch ground for the independency of our country which we today witness the fruits of this independency in the celebration of the grand event of a friendship, unity, mutual understanding, peace and stability and national solidarity.

I once again sincerely congratulate you all distinguished compatriots with the grand and holy celebration of the national unity and wish every family of the country and those fellow-nationals living abroad well-being, happiness and prosperity.

Let the national unity of the Tajik people be unbreakable and live forever!

Let peace, stability and harmony always triumph in our ancient land!

Let the flag of our independent Tajikistan flap among the civilized society of the world forever.

I wish you good health and happiness!

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