President of the Republic of Tajikistan

Congratulatory speech at the official ceremony of Navruz celebration

19.03.2010 14:00, Danghara district

Dear compatriots!
Distinguished guests!

To the joy and pride of all of us, starting from this year, the ancient traditional holiday of our ancestors – the blessed Navruz, which at the initiative of Tajikistan and support of a number of countries in the world has been recently declared by the General Assembly of the United Nations the International Day of Navruz, will be widely and solemnly celebrated throughout the world.

I sincerely congratulate all of you – dear compatriots, all Tajiks and Persian-speaking nations of the world, representatives of other nations and nationalities who honor the holiday of our ancestors – Navruz as a cultural and spiritual heritage of mankind, distinguished and honorable guests of Tajikistan, especially the President of Turkmenistan His Excellency Gurbanguly Myalikgulievich Berdimuhamedov, who gives a particular magnificence to our holiday, as well as all the noble people of Turkmenistan with the onset of Navruz.

Taking the advantage of this opportunity, I would like once again to welcome His Excellency the President of the friendly and brotherly Turkmenistan and his official entourage to the sunny and festive Tajikistan.

It is known, that for centuries, many nations and peoples from north China to the borders of Europe, including the eternally friendly and brotherly people of Turkmenistan celebrate Navruz with great sincerity and love that reflects the universal values and culture-generating essence of this ancient holiday.

Tajik and Turkmen people are tied by stretching back centuries strong cultural and historical roots. Our ancestors, together with the Turkmen brothers met Navruz holiday in the ancient cities of Marv and Sarakhs, Niso and Abevard, staged races on swift-footed Khatlon, Akhal-Teke and Karabokhir horses, horse-riding games in which riders try to take away a headless carcass of a goat from each other and other festive performances.

Undoubtedly, good-neighborly relations of friendship and mutual understanding between our peoples, originated back in ancient epoch, in the period of independence of Tajikistan and Turkmenistan have become essential factors in the development of mutually beneficial cooperation and multilateral ties between our two countries.

Distinguished compatriots!

The ancient holiday of Navruz marks the beginning of our rich history and as valuable heritage is closely intertwined with national culture and way of life of not only the Tajik and Persian, but also all other peoples of Central Asia, as well as several other regions.

Navruz as a symbol of the eternal links between mankind and nature comes during the vernal equinox and the change of season, its occurrence brings a new life, nature and all globe gains fresh breath and new aspirations revive in the soul of peoples.

Navruz that begins with the onset of spring grace, is called the holiday of nature magnificence and it is truly so. At this time, when the Earth enters the orbit of the Sun and day and night equal, Navruz endows the human race with the joy of life, inspiring creative work for the sake of the welfare and prosperity.

This beautiful celebration of our ancestors at all times was considered as one of the greatest and holiest national celebrations and life-affirming traditions of the people. Navruz as a symbol of spring works and abundance, first of all, gives new strength and inspiration to farmers. Navruz with its creative essence calls for ploughing and planting, cultivation, in a word, for the beginning of agricultural works.

Therefore, the Tajik people celebrate this bright, revered and sacred celebration of ancestors with immense joy and love, linking their best wishes and dreams.

All instructive traditions of Navruz, which are imbued with moral, educational and constructive basis, today they serve for every well-informed and conscious people as the key to achieving the dreams and the means for self-knowledge and cognition of the world.

Today, when we are at a very difficult and in many respects contradictory era of globalization, humanity greater than ever, needs high cultural values, life-affirming moral traditions, high morality, love and friendship, unity and cooperation, peace and welfare.

In these circumstances, Navruz as a herald of peace, sanity, gentleness and friendship among peoples, leads us to the building of harmonious life, to strengthen peace and stability.

In accordance with the benign traditions of Navruz the beginning of spring means the time of sowing and other constructive works, plantings and beautification in the cities and villages.

The continuation of the noble traditions contributes to cultural upbringing of the young generation, promotion of basic idea of constructiveness and healthy life-style as well as to strengthening moral standards in the society, honoring of the ancestors, creation of patriotic sentiments, national pride, intentions towards progress and prosperity of beloved Motherland.

This year, we have decided to celebrate Navruz in a vast valley of Dangara as it is a key centre of agricultural development of our country.

Taking into account production potential, the region is to become a major centre of grain crops and contribute to ensuring the food security of the country that is a strategic goal of the Government of Tajikistan.

Nowadays, all over the region people are engaged in beatification and constructive works and there is no doubt that assiduous people of Dangara being based on high patriotic spirit will boost the development of the national economy via their achievements thus contributing to the food plenty of our people.

Distinguished audience!

In accordance with benign traditions of Navruz I would like once again to stress that they fully conform with constructive goals and good intentions of the people of Tajikistan especially while preparing to an outstanding celebration – the 20th Anniversary of the state sovereignty of our country.

We are proud that over a short period and despite a great number of difficulties we can observe aspiration to constructiveness in every area of the social life and that is an utmost factor that strengthens the authority and prestige of independent Tajikistan in the international arena.

Thus, even despite the global financial and economic crisis we continually implement our strategic objectives, namely achievement of energy independence, ensuring food security and breaking in the communication deadlock through grandiose hydropower and communication development and implementation of economic reforms aimed at sustainable development of the Republic of Tajikistan.

These goals require every worthy and devoted citizen of the country while accepting constructiveness as a norm in everyday life to exert every effort aimed at prosperity of the beloved Motherland. It is our historical mission, sacred civic duty, regularity and guarantee of the further progress of our society.

Therein, the current celebration of Navruz becomes of special importance as it is being celebrated in the days when the people has announced the construction of objects that are determining for our Motherland as a centre of constructiveness and has focused all efforts on their successful implementation.

I am confident, that being based on the powerful patriotic spirit of the people of Tajikistan and our own potential we can achieve our high national goals in the near future.

I believe, that in the initial wisdom and original creativeness that is a national trait of the Tajik people as well as that being kindly supported by you all, our beloved Tajikistan will further sustainably develop and will achieve at our benign intentions and our lofty dreams will come true.

With these sincere wishes in mind, once again, I would like to congratulate you all and namely honorable guests as well as the people of Tajikistan and our compatriots that are abroad with Navruz holiday.

I particularly would like to express my gratitude to our honorable guest the President of Turkmenistan, my dear brother and friend Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for his participation in the national celebration of the International Holiday Navruz.

I wish Navruz to bring happiness to everyone all-over the world as well as further strengthen and enrich our friendship and friendship between the peoples of Tajikistan and Turkmenistan!

I wish everyone in our country, children and adults, every Tajik family and all Tajiks that live abroad to enjoy the pleasure and inspired joy of Navruz celebration.

Happy Navruz, my dear friends!

I thank you!

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