President of the Republic of Tajikistan

Speech at the 18th anniversary of the state independence

08.09.2009 14:00, Dushanbe city

Dear friends!
Excellency Madame Pratibha Patil – the President of the Republic of India!
Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Yesterday, on the occasion of the 18th anniversary of state independence, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan addressed on television to all fellow citizens, Tajik people abroad and Persian speaking people of the world who recognize Tajikistan as their homeland.

Today, taking an advantage of this opportunity, I would like once again to congratulate all glorious people of the country as well as all honorable guests of Tajikistan who joined us today to celebrate this festive event with the greatest and holy national day – State Independence.

Indeed, independence is an invaluable wealth for each nation and everyone. Independence has a high and valuable meaning for cultural and civilized Tajik nation, who had a strong, powerful and central state of Somoniyon in the past, an after break-up (collapse), with a strong will was intending to build state and gain independent statehood during last thousand years.

It is therefore, over 18 years, we evaluate our independence as a great historic and national achievement, and using an experience of ancestors statehood and modern world we proceed to new state building based on legitimacy, democracy, secularism, social system, market economy and civil society.

Now after eliminating a number of difficulties and problems, which had been appeared in the way of forming the elements of sovereign state, we have entered into process of balanced and sustainable economic, social and cultural progress.

In the results of elaboration and effective (impactful) implementation of internal and foreign policy which fits the requirement of the people and modern world, we now building a state that secure the opportunity of free employment and merit life to everyone (every citizen) and opened its doors for mutually beneficial cooperation with all the countries of the world.

Today, from this high tribune of national day celebration we once again assure that at the stage of the implementation of strategic goals of the country, energy security, taking the country out from communication deadlock and protection of food security, in the near future Tajikistan will be entered into a great road of high progress and eliminate existing problems of the people.

Dear friends!

As I have mentioned, honorable guests attend our national day celebration. Especially, the President of the Republic of India Her Excellency Madame Pratibha Patil who pays official visit to Tajikistan is our guest of honor and joined the happiness of Tajik people in this very important solemn day.

I have to say that good relations between Tajikistan and India as the countries whose people share historic and cultural affinities and enjoy centuries old ties of friendship, cooperation and mutual understanding, is increasing every year and a visit of the Indian President to Tajikistan, as well as reconstruction of Varzob-1 HPP by Indian experts are striking illustration of enhancement of cooperation.

In this regard, I warmly welcome high guest of honor – the President of the Republic of India, Indian delegation and all those who joined Tajik people in Tajikistan state independence celebration.

I once again congratulate you all, and with the great pleasure, I would like to give the floor to Her Excellency Madame President of the Republic of India Pratibha Patil to address this gathering and say a few words of congratulations.


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