President of the Republic of Tajikistan

Speech at the meeting with the staff of the Roghun Hydropower Plant

14.10.2020 14:34, Roghun city

Dear compatriots!

An important political event - the elections of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan held on October 11 this year will remain in the modern history of our country as a memorable event, thanks to which the glorious Tajik people have once again proved their loyalty and readiness to protect peace, stability, national unity and a prosperous future of our independent state.

On this day, our proud citizens, at the behest of their hearts, in a free and transparent atmosphere elected their Head of State for the next seven years for the sake of further development of our beloved Tajikistan and ensuring a happy life at every home and every family in the country.

Taking this opportunity, I sincerely and from the bottom of my heart express my gratitude to all the glorious people of Tajikistan and our fellow-citizens abroad who have shown great trust in me and elected the President of the Republic of Tajikistan.

At the same time, addressing all the citizens of Tajikistan, I wish to underline one more important issue, particularly, that we need to stay united with the view to further promote the process of creation and development of our beloved Motherland we inherited from our ancestors, for with the purpose of a worthy preparation and welcoming our great and national holiday – 30 years anniversary of the State independence and make every effort for the prosperity of our Motherland, so that our state becomes even stronger and more progressive, so that we, old and young, with selfless and dedicated work can address existing challenges and overcome difficulties we are facing.

Dear Compatriots!

Distinguished constructors of Roghun Hydropower Plant!

At the outset, I would like to recall that the glorious people of Tajikistan well remember joyful moments of a truly historical event - the commissioning of the first unit of the Roghun Hydropower Plant. During this short period of time, 1.7 billion k/h of electricity have already been generated by the two commissioned units and transferred to the country's energy system.

Since the very beginning of restoration and reconstruction activities at this site, i.e., 2008, 25,340 million somoni have been allocated for this project. In 2020 alone the public budget envisaged about three billion Tajik somoni for construction activities in this project.

In particular, the public budget allocated 1,872 million somoni for pre-contract construction and mantling activities, works related to the lot 2 - construction of the dam and early works on the lots 3 and 4, procurement of equipment and construction materials, as well as the service of suppliers.

Currently, 12,707 workers and engineering and technical personnel, including 1990 employees of the "Webuild" Company, are engaged at the construction site of the century in two shifts using 3824 units of machinery and devices.

Though the implementation process is under constant and close control by the Government, we got familiar with the state of affairs today and witnessed significant progress and achievements, especially in the construction of the dam.

On particular note is the successful work in the complex of main water intakes and on the roads leading to them, in the vertical drainage tunnels, as well as works related to the strengthening of higher levels, the exit of the third spillway tunnel, transport tunnels connecting the main road from the right bank to the dam, drainage tunnels and air cleaning mines.

The construction of the fourth spillway tunnel, the design work of which is being performed by the «Tojik Kon» and the Swiss Company «Afri», is carried out by domestic and foreign companies using the latest strong technologies and devices.

Construction and installation works are underway on the section of the machine house of reserve and main fourth gates. In this regard, I would like to emphasize that the fourth tunnel must be commissioned in a timely manner and with a high quality, because it will raise the water level of the dam and reservoir to 1100 meters, which, in turn, will lead to increased power generation.

The construction of the power plant was divided into lots based on the results of international tenders. These lots are closely interconnected, and lagging in one of them will affect the pace of work in other areas. Therefore, activities in these areas should be carried out jointly and consistently.

The construction work on the dam contracted for with “Webuild” Company, is proceeding according to the approved schedule.

The company needs to ensure timely implementation of activities up to 1110 meters point and prioritize strengthening the dam and preventing the reservoir flooding.

At previous meetings, I have repeatedly stressed that it is crucial to apply the latest equipment and technologies in the construction of the Roghun HPP.

Though 405 units of machinery and devices have been applied for the construction of the dam during the recent months, it has not been sufficient.

Between 25000 - 30 000 m3 of materials is delivered to the dam per day, however, so far this volume is small and does not correspond to the amount envisaged within the project design.

Therefore, it is necessary to increase the number of machinery and devices for the construction of the dam and to increase the volume of stones, rubble and other materials required for the construction of the dam.

In other words, it is important to increase the number of machinery and devices and thereby accelerate the pace of the construction of the power plant and minimize the time required for full commissioning of the remaining units.

The customer and contractors need to ensure efficient use of trucks, excavators and bulldozers in three shifts and undertake specific measures to install additional machinery on the site.

The use of a conveyor line is also one of the ways to effectively use resources and construction materials while erecting the dam, therefore, it is necessary to put it into operation as soon as possible.

Introduction and maintenance of instrumental monitoring in the facility is yet another important issue for the plant safety, since it is of particular importance and mandatory to introduce and develop internationally compliant technical and technological monitoring at the Roghun HPP consisting of a complex of large caverns and the world's highest hydraulic dam in order to ensure its safety.

Based on the data, to date about 4,000 monitoring devices are installed on 53 facilities in the Roghun HPP. Some 11 digital satellite seismic stations connected to the seismic center of the Rogun HPP and the seismic center of the Geophysical Service of the National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan via a high-speed Internet connection have been established around the Roghun and Nurek reservoirs.

I have reiterated on numerous occasions that the Roghun HPP is being built to serve for centuries.

Therefore, it is crucial to attach a paramount importance to the reliability of construction activities and the use of quality materials and equipment in line with the requirements of international standards. For this purpose, a laboratory equipped with the latest tools and equipment is established.

The customer’s technical control staff in close cooperation with specialists from the State Service for Architecture and Construction Supervision of the Committee for Architecture and Construction and the State Service for Supervision of Safety in Industry and Mining need to keep this issue under control around the clock.

Dear Compatriots!

Lately the demand for electricity has been growing worldwide, including in our country.

According to experts, this demand will increase almost by four times by 2030 compared to the beginning of the 21st century.

It is important to ensure uninterrupted supply of electricity to achieve our fourth strategic goal, i.e., accelerated industrialization of the country and the increase in the competitiveness of industrial products.

It is for this purpose, i.e., to achieve sustainable development of our country and continuously improve the living standards of our people, we have defined the hydropower development as the most important and priority direction of our economic policy and the achievement of energy security as one of our national strategic goals.

The construction of hydropower plants on the rivers of Tajikistan will contribute to ensure balance between the demand for electricity and water resources, as well as sustainable water management and minimize the electricity shortage in the region.

Tajikistan possesses enormous hydropower resources and is one of the world's largest green energy generators. We intend to use these great resources not only for our own interests, but also for the benefit of other peoples, including Central and South Asia.

We have been developing a number of projects and implementing them in cooperation with international partners to achieve this noble goal to increase environment friendly energy, i.e. electricity generated from the renewable sources and expand its transmission networks.

The implementation of investment projects has enabled to create the unified power grid and ensure stable operation of the power system.

The major outcomes of actions undertaken during the recent years include generation of about 21 billion k/h of electricity in 2019 and uninterrupted power supply of population and the economy, which is 1.5 times more than in previous year.

Currently, in addition to the Roghun HPP 12 other public investment projects amounting over 13,3 billion somoni are under implementation in our energy sector.

These projects include the first stage of reconstruction of Norak HPP, construction of Sebzor HPP, construction of electricity networks in Romit canyon, introduction of integrated power transmission and sewerage system, reconstruction of Sarband and Qayroqqum HPP, as well the regional power transmission line project of CASA-100 and “Electrification of rural areas in Tajikistan, re-connection to the unified energy system of Central Asia".

In the near future, there are plans to commissions other new power generation facilities and  electricity transmission networks, such as the construction of 500kW electricity transmission line “Roghun HPP - Sangtuda HPP”, as well as the introduction of up-to-date management and control system of power in Dushanbe, Bokhtar, Kulob, Panjakent, Istaravshan, Isfara towns and Konibodom, Buston, and Dangara districts.

Currently activities on feasibility study for the construction of Shurob HPP and mobilization of funding for its construction, as well the study and preparation of the necessary documentation for Sanobod, Nurobod-1 and Nurobod-2 HPP are under way, and in the nearest future the international tender results for feasibility study for the full reconstruction of “Boighozi HPP” with the World Bank funding will be publicized.

At the same time, I would like to emphasize that the Roghun HPP - the bright future of Tajikistan, will play the main and key role in ensuring the country's full energy security. Therefore, in order to achieve these goals, responsible officials need to take the following actions:

1. “Roghun” Open Joint Stock Company, together with contractors and subcontractors, including “Webuild”, should intensify activities on pre-contract and dam construction in line with the approved plan.

2. “Roghun” Open Joint Stock Company needs to strengthen the implementation of the Action Plan for sanitary and epidemiological monitoring at the enterprise.

3. The authorized working group should further expand its operations in order to mobilize funding for the construction of power plants.

4. The authorized working group needs to undertake concrete actions to explore sources of financing for the construction of the plant for 2021 and subsequent years.

5. The State Authorities for Supervision of Safety in Industry and Mining of the Government needs to undertake additional actions to ensure the safety of “Roghun” HPP facilities and strengthen control in this area.

6. The Committee for Architecture and Construction, together with the construction customer, needs to strengthen control over the quality of construction works and undertake actions for a timely public examination of the proposed projects.

7. The Supervisory Board and the National Task Force for the construction and commissioning of the plant should adequately monitor the progress of construction works in line with the approved schedule and promptly address issues ensuing in the facility.

Given the above-mentioned facts, I would like to draw the attention of leaders and specialists of the energy industry to the need of taking additional measures to prepare the industry facilities, including power lines and equipment, for the upcoming winter season, as well as raise awareness of the population on energy efficiency.

In conclusion, on behalf of the people and the Government of Tajikistan, I would like to express my gratitude to all builders of the hydropower plant, including you, dear participants, who have been working hard to scale up construction activities at this milestone facility for our people and making efforts to put the rest of the units into operation, and wish you strong health, as well as success and new achievements in your future activities.

As builders of this grand facility of the century, you must always remember that the fulfillment of the long-term dream of the country’s inhabitants and the ensuring a prosperous future of Tajikistan depends on your patriotic efforts and conscientious work.

I am sure that each of you, with your selfless labor in this great temple of light, will deserve a share in the grateful hearts of your compatriots for many years.

I wish health and happiness to your families and every success to all of you!

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