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Working trip to Asht district

15.09.2020 13:00, Asht district

During his working trip to Asht district, the Founder of Peace and National Unity, Leader of the Nation, President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon has attended the inauguration ceremony of the secondary educational institution No. 36 in the Punghoz community, constructed following the initiative of domestic entrepreneur Mahsudjonov.

The three-storey school will accommodate for 1.440 students in two shifts and its subject rooms are provided with visual aids and with the modern heating system. In the school building accommodating foreign language, chemistry, physics and biology laboratories, the information science room has been provided with computer equipment.

The previous building of the secondary school No. 36 in Punghoz community had been constructed in the 60s of the last century and had not met modern requirements, having become useless for education. Construction of a new building for the secondary school No. 36 started in 2019 and was put into operation on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the state independance.

State-of-the-art facilities have been installed in the sports hall. There are all kinds of possibilities to hold various events associated with the school’s operation. After getting familiar with the working conditions created in school, President Rahmon attended the unveiling ceremony of the National Flag Square in Khistevarz, with a 52-meter flagpole in Shaydon Township. He also visited Oshoba Community and inspected newly created Olami Angur farm which includes a vineyards and intensive orchard on an area of 15 hectares, which planted 21.000 bushes.

In a new vineyard grow more than 52 varieties of grapes, most of which are exported. Olami Angur farm have been established by domestic entrepreneurs following effective use of land and improving reclamation of lands and resuming their use for agricultural purposes. In Asht district, the area of orchards and vineyards is more than 16.390 hectares and farmers annually increase the area of export orchards in an effort to ensure food security.

While visiting exhibition of agricultural and food products, President Rahmon toured handicrafts exhibition, which was organized within the framework of the declared Period of Development of Rural Areas, Tourism and Folk crafts.

There are more than 6,000 farms operating in Asht district, and in the past 9 months of 2020 the volume of agricultural production amounted to TJK 297 million, which is by TJK 35 million more compared to the same period last year.

This year, more than 5,400 tons of grain, 3,690 tons of potatoes, 5,277 tons of vegetables, and 26,656 tons of fruits have been produced in all forms of farming in Asht district, which is more compared with the same period of last year.

Asht is one of the main producers of apricots in the country, and farmers annually increase the area of this delicious and exported fruit and achieve great success in this area. The area of gardens in Asht district covers more than 16.390 hectares, of which 12 hectares are intensive.

In addition, President Rahmon took part in the opening of the Agroasht enterprise for producing of fruit-containing confectionery product, which produce 10 denominations of confectionery products from apricot jam, plum, grape, pumpkin, pear, apple, quince, fig in Oshoba community.

The commissioning of such enterprises of national importance is, above all, an important step towards providing Asht residants with quality food products. The enterprise has been built on the basis of the latest Chinese technology by the initiative of domestic entrepreneur Bakhtiyor Maksudjonov.

Nine lines for confectionery production, which produces 6 tons of fresh fruits per day, packing lines, as well as a storage and transportation system is controlled automatically.

Management of enterprise plans to increase the volume of production and export of fruit-containing confectionery product under the brand name of Tajikistan to foreign countries, including, first of all, to Russia and Kazakhstan.

Agroasht is the only one enterprise in Central Asia that produces fruit-containing confectionery product.

This was followed by the opening of the two refrigeration storage complex that meet the most modern standards and have a capacity to save 150 tons, respectevly of fruits in Agroasht farm of Oshoba community. Agroasht farm founded in 1992 own 12 hectares of vineyards and 3 hectares of almonds.

In the refrigeration storage, half of the fruit is stored for the market and half for the preparation of jam.

While visiting Rakhshona farm founded in 2009, owning 562 hectares of arable land, specialized in growing of cotton, wheat, corn, and мixed orchard with different fruit crops, President Emomali Rahmon has launched a campaign to harvest cotton.

This year, the Rakhshona farmers have sown cotton on an area of 301 hectares, and in compliance with agro-technical standards, the expected yield is now 3.500 kg / per hectares.

Rakhshona farm also has provided other agricultural farms with quality cotton seeds products every year and make a valuable contribution to the implementation of the State Program for developing seed production sector for 2016-2020.

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