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Continuing of working trip to Sughd Province

02.07.2020 16:41, Khujand city

While on a working trip, the Founder of Peace and National Unity, Leader of the Nation, President Emomali Rahmon visited the administrative center of Sughd.

He learned about the production process at the Sirdaryo LLC, which produces various types of tomato juices and fruit drinks, fruit paste, tomato paste, nectars, fruit-flavored drinks and healthy canned foods.

The company is equipped with modern production lines purchased from Europe, Russia and China. Its production capacity is about 10 tonnes of fruits and vegetables per day.

The competitiveness of the company's products has been proven in the consumer market and has found its place in the domestic market under the Mersi Baku brand.

The company's products are also exported outside the country, including to Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan.

This was followed by the opening ceremony of the Khujand Plaza shopping center where he met with 50 orphans and handed them cash assistance, clothes and emphasized to the officials of the importance of bettering the living conditions and studies of orphans and children with disabilities.

President Rahmon also took part in the launching ceremony of the first phase of the Dehmoy - Khujand Drinking Water Supply System Project which is funded by the government and aims to improve the water supply and sewage infrastructure for 15,000. So far 14 km-long main water pipe has been constructed in the first of four phases of the 100 million somoni project.

With the full implementation of this project, a total of 10 large reservoirs and other necessary facilities will provide 50,000 residents of the newly built communities of Khujand with access to clean drinking water.

The inspection of the sewing factory, which was completely reconstructed and renovated by Somon Sughd followed the list. The facility will employ 200 people in one shift, with plans to double the number of its employees to operate around the clock.

The sewing factory was opened in 1992, but due to the unfavorable situation in the following years, its activities were suspended.

Per President Rahmon's instructions, the management of Somon Sughd with the goal of contributing to the achievement of the fourth national goal, namely rapid industrialization of the country, completely renovated the Sughdiyon Sewing Factory.

The Sughdiyon Sewing Factory has signed cooperation agreements with a number of world-famous companies, such as Russian textile industry and Belarus Bill Bom Bo.

Currently, its catalogue of items includes not only children's and adult clothes, but also the production of face masks and protective medical clothing.

Later, President Rahmon inspected the project designs for the glass manufacturing and cotton thread and yarn manufacturing enterprises, which will be built by Somon Sughd Corporation in honor of the 30th anniversary of the independence. The 22 million dollar project will have the capacity to produce 7.2 million square meters of construction and household glass per year.

In the Jabbor Rasulov district, President Rahmon commissioned the Azizi Sausage production plant, financed by a local entrepreneur Abduahad Samadzoda.
Its production capacity is 800 to 1000 kg of products per day. The company currently produces 40 types of sausages.

President Rahmon also visited the largest Trading Cooperative Farm named after Jabbor Rasulov founded in 1929 that currently owns 6,036 hectares of land with a focus on cultivating cotton, wheat, rice, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, and corn. Annually the farmers harvest 3000 kg from each hectare of land.

Here, he toured the exhibition of cooperative farmers, which showcased a variety of cotton seeds as well as more than 10 other types of agricultural crops.

Also, in the Bobojon Ghafurov district, President Rahmon opened the Dehmoy-1 pumping station, which was fully renovated with the support of the government.

The station which consists of six hydro units was built in 1960s in Syr Darya. It will provide nearly 7,900 hectares of agricultural land in the Jabbor Rasulov district with irrigation water.

Here President Rahmon was acquainted with the National Water Resources Management in Tajikistan, Phase II and the Zarafshon Irrigation Rehabilitation and River Basin Management (ZIRP) Project.

The National Water Resources Management in Tajikistan, Phase II, which aims to improve the living standards of the rural population in the Tajik part of the Syrdarya Basin through integrated water resources management, is 100 percent complete.

Renovation of the State Department of Land Sanitation and Irrigation of Zarafshan Basin and the Water Users Association in Panjakent, rehabilitation of 11 pumping stations, 20 vertical wells, 7 cold pits, repair and reconstruction of 1000 km of internal canals in Panjakent, Ayni, Shahristan and Kuhistoni Mastchoh are among the works carried out within the framework of the irrigation restoration and management project in the Zarafshan river basin.

After visiting the Kholmat farm which specializes in growing vegetables and supplies the domestic market with a significant number of agricultural products and healthy fruits, President Rahmon attended the Exhibition of Agricultural Products of Jabbor Rasulov district which showcased local products and achievements in the agriculture sector.

There are 2,400 farms registered in the Jabbor Rasulov district of Sughd province. The total area of irrigated arable land is 12,167 hectares, rain-fed lands - 2,184 hectares, orchards 1,404 hectares and vineyards - 60 hectares.

Visiting the Mehrobod Township of the Jabbor Rasulov district, President Rahmon got acquainted with the activities of the Barakat seasonal enterprise, which was built by a local businessman Mirjamol Jamolov in the area of 1.17 hectares.

In the past two months, entrepreneurs in cooperation with farmers of the district exported more than 10,800 tonnes of onions, and stored 1,000 tonnes of onions for the winter period.

In addition, President Rahmon visited the Narzullo Farm, specializing in growing bell peppers, onions, eggplants and cotton.

The farm is one of the most active farms in the region in the field of cultivation and production of bell peppers and makes a valuable contribution to the supply of this product to the domestic market. This year's harvest of peppers is very high, so the farmers are planning to export this product.

Speaking with farmers, President Rahmon noted that today farmers should work more responsibly than in previous years and strive to make an even greater contribution toward ensuring food security, as due to the pandemic the world is facing the threat of food shortages.

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