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Beginning of reconstruction and rehabilitation of the Kairakkum hydroelectric power station

23.08.2019 09:01, Guliston city

On August 23, the working visit of the Founder of Peace and National Unity - Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon in the Sughd Province continued in the city of Guliston.

The President of the country Emomali Rahmon in the city of Guliston first gave an official start to the implementation of the project “Reconstruction of the Kairakkum Hydroelectric Power Station” and got acquainted with the progress of renewal of 6 units of this hydropower facility.

The head of state was informed that the overhaul of the Kairakkum hydroelectric station, its auxiliary and hydraulic structures will be carried out in stages.

Kayrakkum hydroelectric power station is a hydropower facility with a dam, the units of which are located in the walls of the spillway lock, located on the left bank of the Syr Darya.

Construction work at this station was started in 1952, and its first unit with a capacity of 21 megawatts was put into operation on December 15, 1956. In general, the station consists of 6 units and on November 20, 1957, it worked with a total capacity of 126 megawatts.

The creation of this station marked the beginning of the irrigation of virgin lands and the effective development of hydropower resources in Central Asia.

Currently, 110 people, including 20 women, work at this important hydropower facility and the number of engineering and technical personnel is 41 people.

The head of state instructed to carry out the implementation of the project and the execution of work by 80 percent of the workers of the station itself and residents of the city of Guliston.

The Kairakkum hydroelectric reservoir is a seasonally regulated facility. The total volume of the reservoir is 3.5 billion cubic meters, and its useful part is 2.6 billion cubic meters. The total area of the reservoir when filled with water to the upper horizontal level covers 512 square kilometers. The total length of the earthen and concrete dam of the station is 1300 meters, and the water pressure on the hydraulic structure is 24 meters.

The annual electricity production at the Kairakkum hydroelectric station is on average 600-650 million kilowatt / hours, the facility is connected to the energy system through five 220-kilovolt and five 110-kilovolt transmission lines.

When presenting the project “Reconstruction of the Kairakkum Hydroelectric Power Station”, it was reported that the station generated over 40 billion kilowatt / hours of electricity during 63 years of operation.

Due to more than half a century of activity, the equipment of the station is outdated and dilapidated, the need arose for its reconstruction and renewal.

With the full implementation of the project “Reconstruction of the Kairakkum Hydroelectric Power Station”, which is scheduled for 57 months, that is, until 2023, reconstruction of the main and auxiliary equipment of the station, a 110-kilovolt switchgear, repair and restoration of hydraulic structures, resulting in the design capacity of each unit the station from 21 megawatts will be brought up to almost 30, and in general the station’s capacity of 126 megawatts will be brought up to 176.

After a complete reconstruction, the life of the station will last for centuries, and the capacity will increase many times.

In general, after the full implementation of the project, the capacity of the Kairakkum hydroelectric station will be increased by 50 megawatts, electricity production will increase by an average of 37 percent, as a result of which the supply of electricity to the population and various economic sectors of the Sughd region will increase and improve.

Thanks to the daily attention and efforts of the Leader of the Nation, His Excellency Emomali Rahmon, to achieve one of the strategic goals of the country, that is, energy independence, as part of effective bilateral and multilateral cooperation of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan with development partners, the total amount of reconstruction and renewal of this hydropower structure amounted to 200 million dollars - 1 billion 900 million somoni.

A feasibility study for the reconstruction of the station was carried out in 2014 as part of the project of the Austrian consulting company “IC Consulenten” with the assistance of grant investments from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

In the course of familiarization with the project “Reconstruction of the Kairakkum Hydroelectric Power Station”, the Head of State, esteemed Emomali Rahmon gave specific instructions to the persons in charge of monitoring the quality of work, and the project contractor - the Consortium of companies “General electric Hydro” (France), “General electric renewable Switzerland” ( Switzerland) and “Cobro Instalaciones Servicios SA” (Spain) gave practical advice on improving the quality of work and achieving the goals set on time.

The head of state emphasized that during the implementation of the project it is necessary to attach particular importance to the quality of work and complete the reconstruction of the station on schedule.

The Leader of the Nation, esteemed Emomali Rahmon emphasized that after completing important work towards the development of the energy sector until 2023, Tajikistan will achieve full energy independence.

During the reconstruction, the entire system will be replaced by the latest and most advanced technology in the sphere, as a result of which the quality of service will increase many times over.

After familiarizing himself with the progress of the reconstruction and renovation of the station, the President of the country, esteemed Emomali Rahmon emphasized the enormous importance of the project for the economic development of the country, providing electricity, especially for the Sughd Province.

It should be noted that under the project a contracting company will be responsible for the supply and installation of 6 units, auxiliary equipment, 6 turbines and their control systems, replacement of 6 water locks, repair of two cranes, replacement of 110-kilovolt SF6 distribution equipment, replacement of 6 power 10.5 / 110-kilovolt transformers, replacement of 2 transformers with a capacity of 125 kilowatts in the direction of 110/220-kilovolt voltage, repair of destroyed points of the concrete shaft, overhaul of the gateway gate, repair of the spillway gateway, replacement of control one object equipment hydraulic reservoir and other important and the primary work on the site.

Within the framework of the project, the domestic company “Tajikhydroelectromontage” works as a subcontractor for the repair, installation of basic equipment and construction work.

During the years of independence, in order to implement the constructive plans and programs of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan for the purpose of achieving complete energy independence and ensuring a decent life for the population of the country, on the instructions and guidance of the Leader of the Nation, esteemed Emomali Rahmon started the rational and economical use of hydropower resources, construction and reconstruction of small and large hydropower plants, creation of high-voltage power lines and substations.

Start of restoration and construction of the Rogun hydroelectric power station, commissioning of the first Rogun hydroelectric power station unit, the 500-kilovolt Dushanbe-Rogun power transmission line, 500- and 220-kilovolt centers of gas-insulated switchgear at the Rogun hydropower station, as well as hydropower stations - “Sangtuda-1”, “Sangtuda-2”, “Pamir-1”, “Tajikistan” at an altitude of 3,500 meters above sea level in the remote Murghob district, Dushanbe-2 HP, 500-kilovolt power substation “Dushanbe” and “Sughd”, 500-kilovolt power transmission lines “South-North”, 500- and 220-kilovolt centers of gas-insulated complete switchgears of the Nurek hydroelectric station, 220-kilovolt power lines “Lolazor”, “Khatlon”, “Aini”, “Shahriston”, “Shahrinav”, “Geran -2", 220-kilovolt power lines “Lolazor-Khatlon”, “Tajikistan-Afghanistan”, “Khujand-Aini”, “Kairakkum-Sughd”, “Aini-Rudaki” and the beginning of the real implementation of CASA-1000 are Tajikistan’s big steps towards ways to achieve full energy independence, which are implemented under direct leadership of the Leader of the Nation Emomali Rahmon.

With the implementation of these projects over the past 10 years, the production capacity of the country's energy system has increased by 1320 megawatts and more than 1300 kilometers of 500-, 220- and 110-kilovolt power transmission lines have been commissioned.

All these creative undertakings of the Founder of Peace and National Unity - Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan, esteemed Emomali Rahmon, are aimed at developing the country's economic spheres, achieving full energy independence and ensuring a decent life for the people of Tajikistan, and the results are felt every year.

Over the past 10 years, with the commissioning of a large number of industrial enterprises in cities and regions of the country, the number of labor migrants has decreased by 50 percent.

If earlier in the Russian Federation and other foreign countries more than 1 million Tajik migrants were registered, today there are 520 thousand of them.

It should be noted that only within the framework of today's working trip of the Leader of the Nation to the cities of Khujand, Guliston and Jabbor Rasulov district of the Sughd Province, 7 new industrial enterprises were commissioned, which is an important and sustainable step towards the implementation of the fourth strategic goal - accelerated industrialization of the country and the creation of hundreds of jobs.

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