President of the Republic of Tajikistan

Statement at the thirty-seventh session of the council of the OIC Foreign Ministers

18.05.2010 12:00, Dushanbe city

In the name of Allah, the Beneficient, the Most Merciful!
Distinguished heads of delegations,
Honorable guests!
Excellency Secretary General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference!
Heads of international organizations!
Dear ladies and gentlemen!

At the outset, I would like to sincerely welcome you all to the Republic of Tajikistan and wish you an inspiration and sound working enthusiasm during wonderful spring days.

It is indeed a great honor, that for the first time in the history, the 37th Session of the Council of the Organization of the Islamic Conference Foreign Ministers is being held in Tajikistan, in Central Asia which in the Islamic history the region is known as Maweraunnahr.

Countries of this region gave birth to great and outstanding sons and scholars, such as Imam Bukhari, Imam Abuhanifa, Imam Termizi, Abulays Samarqandi, Sheikh-ur-Rais Ibn Sino, Aburayhon Beruni, Mawlono Jaloluddin Rumi and other prominent scientists who made an invaluable contribution to the development of science, culture, education, fiqh and Islamic doctrine.

Prominent scientists have been taking great strides towards revival of Islamic culture and its values after the Soviet Union breakup and the national independence of the country.

In this regard, Tajikistan undertakes impactful initiatives aimed at respect to the past and cultural heritage of its nation.

Distinguished delegates!

Our today’s session, that takes place in the terms of global financial and economic crisis and outbreak of various phenomena of threats and challenges of the modern world, urges us to unshakable unity and fraternal solidarity. The role which the Organization of the Islamic Conference plays, could be an element for strengthening multilateral cooperation among Islamic states, in particular it may be crucial and effective in safeguarding lasting peace, stability and sustained development.

It is gratifying, that a range of positive changes and reforms has been happened in the practice of the Organization during last several years with the view to increase the role of the Organization of the Islamic Conference on the international arena.

On this trend, the inititive of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, the King of the Saudi Arabia – His Majesty Abdulla Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud was indeed timely and efficient on calling the third extraordinary Islamic Summit of the Organization of the Islamic Conference in Mekkah on December 2005 in the margins of which the issues of reform of the Organization and primary missions of the Muslim world have been discussed and Ten Year Program of Actions was adopted.

There is no doubt, that identification of topical issues, inclusion of questions into the agenda of the Ten Year Program of Actions and their implementation would contribute to securing peace, stability, unity, consolidation, solidarity and a common progress of Muslim countries.

In addition to that, are of paramount importance the historic resolutions of the third extraordinary and the 11th Islamic Summit of the OIC in Senegal where new charter of the Organization has been adopted.

Establishment of the Islamic Solidarity Fund with 10 billion USD capital and the Islamic Conference Humanitarian Affairs Department (ICHAD) are obvious examples of practical initiatives.

Tajikistan has been and remains a strong adherent of reinforcement of a role of the Organization of the Islamic Conference in a review and solution of the pressing issues of the Islamic world, enhancement of coordination and collaboration in addressing challenges of the modern world, including terrorism and extremism.

This process requires more serious and dedicated attention to “hot points” of the Islamic world. Today, long-suffering Iraqi people expects peaceful life, stabilization of the situation as soon as possible, they are hopeful of common human life-style. Hence, the role of the Organization of the Islamic Conference would be pivotal and more impactful in this respect.

The issue of lasting challenges and hardships of the Palestinian nation, who are deprived of the sovereign state over a half century and those who majority of them are living far beyond their homes, has become a matter of hot discussions of many mediator groups and negotiators.

However, the role of the Organization of the Islamic Conference in resolving such vital issue of Islam, despite holding variety of conferences and meetings, still remains negligible and indecisive.

Along with it, we can cite a large number of other problems of Muslim Ummah which remain unresolved for decades.

We are always a strong advocate of strengthening lasting peace and stability in the neighboring friendly and brotherly country of Afghanistan. Necessary and targeted assistance to Afghanistan based on certain programs would be one of the lines of stubborn resistance to various threats and challenges of this country. Unfortunately, efforts of the world community and funds allotted to these purposes, not always correspond to expanding scale of illegal narcotics and drug trafficking.

Therefore, in our point of view, frontiers of countries neighboring with Afghanistan should be recognized as a front line of combat and more great efforts have to be made for reinforcement of potential and capabilities of border troops.

Today, it is evident, that Afghanistan’s conflict can not be resolved by military way only and this issue needs our concerted joint actions and first and foremost, reality of the situation should be taken into account. Consequently, we have to intensify an implementation of projects of social implication as well as education and culture-oriented programs.

We support any efforts made in line with peace-building and we think that international strategy of operations in this country, first of all, has to be guided by the Afghan people and constructive cooperation with official government be realized in effective manner.

Majority of Muslim developing countries that plunged down to the vortex of world-wide crisis and challenges, have plentiful natural resources, eligible labor force, favorable conditions and investment-friendly environment.

Investments into priority and strategic fields, like energy, infrastructure particularly, manufacturing, technological and logistics infrastructure, information and communication, industry, water supply and tourism will significantly promote the ensure of progress and intensification of common potential of the Islamic world.

On that basis, it is important to considerably increase funding and investment capacity of the Islamic Development Bank, Development Funds, as well as investment and donor institutions.

Islamic Solidarity Fund and the Islamic Conference Humanitarian Affairs Department have to be committed to improve the efficiency of their activity, in order to be of benefit to every single Muslim around the globe.

And if we will succeed in the process of leveling development and progress of Muslim nations and secure more fruitful cooperation and concerted coordination of the OIC powerful member states in using investment opportunities and abundant natural resources of Muslim developing states, then we can pin our hopes and expectations for bright and prosperous future.

In our point of view, securing a life of dignity for every Muslim and improvement of an image and authority of Islam which is a manifestation of divine doctrine should become a duty of our everyday roadmap and real charter of the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

“Islamic factor” occupies increasingly significant position in the modern world policy. Unfortunately, certain political circles abuse the Islamic factor on the international arena in order to realize their interests and strive to embody the theory of “the clash of civilizations”.

The evident example of these efforts is the use of the blameless image of Islam and the distortion and outrage of the supreme values of our holy religion for selfish ends.

It is necessary to stress that the alarming process of the rising tide of the actions aimed at turning religions and civilizations into the enemies may eventually result in the chaos and tragedy not only in certain regions, including in Central Asia or in the Middle East, but also in international scale.

Therefore, the spread of islamophobia as one of the manifestations of racism is a matter of deep concern of Tajikistan as it concerns the other Muslim countries.

In such circumstances, we must continue our joint concerted efforts in order to notify our concern to the world community and take concrete decisive actions to effectively prevent such undesirable phenomena.

In our view, the greater attention to the dialogue of civilizations may lead to the elimination of such challenges and creation of benign intentions. Supporting the initiatives of the Organization of the Islamic Conference Tajikistan is ready to actively participate in this process aimed at the development of the dialogue among the civilizations, cultures and religions.

In reference to these issues, I would like to dwell on certain negative aspects of globalization which actually dominate in the global process and arise along with the positive factors.

If we enjoy the positive outcomes and economic benefits of this process on the one hand, on the other hand, we face its negative aspects which reflect the degradation of good behavior, traditions, morality, culture and other social elements.

Hence, today the maintenance of mentality and preservation of national culture, universal and Islamic civilization must figure as one of our urgent and primary tasks in order to safeguard our being’s principle in the whirlpool of the globalization. The essence of our battle for the sake of life is namely protection of these values.

Generally, we are encountered with the great and historic tasks. This mission logically calls for the Organization of the Islamic Conference to be developed and strengthened as one of the most important Islamic institutions, and at the same time to coordinate actions of the great number of institutes and establishments in the priority directions and to maintain stronger relations with Islamic states. It means that our organization must meet the ever-growing demand of the Islamic Ummah.

We pray Allah to grant the Muslim people with the strong will and constructive endeavour towards the achievement of benign Islamic and universal goals.

May Allah bless all of us!

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