President of the Republic of Tajikistan

Statement on the occasion of Victory Day

09.05.2017 09:47, Dushanbe city

Generals, officers and soldiers!
Distinguished war and labor veterans!
Honorable guests and participants!

This year we celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the end of bloody battles of 1941-1945 war and the mankind victory over the Hitler Fascism, no example of which the mankind history remembers.

The Tajik people also celebrate this historic event alongside with all peace-loving nations.

In these festive moments, I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to all war and labor veterans, who bravely participated in the most severe battles of this war and decently contributed to win the fascism, as well as all peace-loving people of our beloved country on the occasion of the 72nd anniversary of this historic date and wish every family a peaceful environment and prosperity, and everlasting peace and stability to our beloved Tajikistan.

Let me offer my congratulations to all distinguished guests, officers of Armed Forces of our strategic partner – the Russian Federation on the occasion of this holiday.

Victory holiday is indeed an important and memorable date for all nations, including for the Tajik people. Hence the mankind history does not remember such heroism and massive deed of peoples demonstrated by them during the World War II.

It was the result of peoples’ dedicated and vigorous struggle, which extinguished flame of war and ensured freedom of the globe’s peoples.

Therefore, peace-loving peoples of the globe celebrate the 9th of May as the Day of Victory over Hitler fascism every year.

Meanwhile this great victory is the outcome of peoples’ friendship, joint fight and the superb example of patriotism of various peoples and nations performed for the sake of Motherland and freedom.

Over the years, its value and importance for the nations of the world have been increasing particularly in the context of growing unrest and instability in various regions and countries of the world.

This historic day is valuable and sacred not only for veterans and senior generation, but also for the current younger generation, since it is the symbol of patriotism, commitment, valor and courage of our fathers and grandfathers in protecting Motherland’s frontiers, independence and freedom.

We proudly state now and will do so onwards that alongside with the sons of other countries of the former Soviet Union, honest and proud sons of Tajikistan also made a worthy contribution in achieving memorable victory and fought against fascist groups.

The people of Tajikistan mobilized all of their resources, capacities, and brave and valor sons to the battle from the very first minutes of war outbreak.

More than 300 000 Tajik soldiers showed courage and heroism in the battles, 92 000 of them, whose kind memories and feats are forever imprinted in the history of our people, perished in the battle fields while fulfilling their filial duties.

Honoring kind memories of our Motherland’s valor sons, who demonstrated commitment for the sake of peaceful life of future generations and labor veterans, who worked hard day and night in rearwards, is a sacred and human duty of each member of society.

The Government of Tajikistan, bearing in mind the care after the war participants and veterans, and their financial and social support as its main duty, has undertaken all necessary measures over the last 25 years and will continue doing so in the future to support and care after them due diligently.

I would like to reiterate that valor and braveness of our nation’s proud sons in sensitive historical times, including during the World War II is the vivid example of patriotism and the best exemplary of courage and love towards the Motherland.

The war and labor veterans’ life experience and activities, their advice and guidance would serve as a vitally important manual for the current and next generations in defending the frontiers and boundaries of our native land and development of our independent country.

Annual celebration of Victory over fascism requires the world community to strive for strengthening friendly ties, interaction and cooperation, expand linkages between nations and countries as the main pre-requisite of peace, stability, peaceful life of peoples, and it is the most important factor of joint fight against malicious forces.

In the current turbulent and extremely complicated situation in the world, within which new threats have been acquiring unprecedented scale and causing serious concern of the planet inhabitants, promotion of peace, stability, friendship, valor and braveness among the sons of Motherland is of particular importance towards fight against the threats of the current world, including terrorism and extremism, nationalism and racism  and other hazardous phenomena, as well as in fostering the youth with the sense of patriotism and love of freedom, deepening the military officers’ love for Motherland.

The current situation in the Planet is extremely complex and confusing compared to the previous times. Therefore, we can successfully counteract to current threats only through the good will of the globe’s people and joint efforts.

In addition, only cooperation and interaction between various peoples and countries of the world is the way to address the challenges faced by the humanity as a result of global warming and natural disasters associated with it.

We are proud that today the Armed Forces military officers of sovereign and independent Tajikistan follow the advice and feats of their fathers and grandfathers, and stand ready to defend the borders of their Motherland, the achievements of our independence period and ensure peaceful life of our people.

Useful parental advice and guidance, experience and life style of war and labor veterans after 72 years still remain as a vital guidance for our young generation on the way of establishment of democratic, law-based, secular and progressive state.

Enhancement and strengthening of spiritual courage of Armed Forces’ officers and soldiers, preservation of eternal patriotic aspirations and hopes and veneration of relics of Motherland are the most important factor of stability and peace in any state and community.

I would like to seize this opportunity to once again recall on the heads of military authorities and law enforcement agencies to continuously attach a priority attention to teaching of every military on patriotism, strict respect of military regulations, strengthening of law and order, improvement of professionalism, preparedness of military units, political awareness as well as strengthening of our country’s defense capacities having taken into account the complex and sensitive situation in the current world.

At the conclusion I would like to once again extend my heartfelt congratulations on the Victory Day to all veterans of war and labor, people of Tajikistan and all distinguished guests and participants.

May I wish your families happiness, wellbeing, everlasting peace and stability.

Happy Victory Holiday, Distinguished Compatriots!

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