President of the Republic of Tajikistan

Statement on the occasion of Navruz holiday

21.03.2017 15:47, Tursunzoda city

Distinguished Compatriots,
Honorable Participants and Guests!

I would like to sincerely congratulate all noble people of Tajikistan, compatriots living overseas, peoples of Nawruz Civilization Basin, all hardworking and decent youngsters and adults of Tursunzoda town and all of you distinguished participants on the occasion of Nawruz - the holiday of nature and human awakening.

Nawruz got revived and obtained a new splendor and transferred into one of the ground and holy national holidays in Tajikistan thanks to our independence.

I would like to particularly emphasize that Nawruz holiday has a very longstanding history and it is the tradition of awakening and joy. This is the reason people respect its values, which are for benefit of the public itself.

In Nawruz period, the life wins the death, voice overcomes calmness and warm weather replaces the cold one, all of which inspire the humanbeing, first and foremost the farmer in life and existence.

The Arian culture has gifted the world community a holiday like Nawruz, which made it possible for the intelligence and logics to overcome the ignorance and darkness on the basis of love, dedication, wisdom and justice.

We see that particularly currently the peoples of our globe are in more need for friendship and cooperation and constructive power than ever before, and Nawruz still, as the symbol of love and culture for integration of the globe’s people, can play a decisive role and lead the human-being towards genuine happiness.

Our distinguished compatriots are well aware the valuable heritage of our ancestors starting from Avesta to Nawruznoma of Omar Khayyam and other historical records have abundant information about the history of emergence, grace and blessing, and philosophy of this noble tradition and also describe the magnificence of this holiday.

Given this humane and universal importance of Nawruz, some years ago through the UN GA adopted its Resolution on international status of this ancient holiday by the initiative of Tajikistan and support of dozens of the world countries, including Nawruz civilization basin countries.

Tajik people are indeed proud of this event and they introduce to the world community its national specifics inherited by our great ancestors every year on the day of celebration of this ancient tradition.

Nawruz has attained a wide social and practical importance during its 5000-year history and long way it has gone through. Its philosophy acknowledges the creative activities as the primary element of human activity and farming is its vivid example.

I also have to outline that forgiving sin, caring after orphans and persons with disabilities, visiting adults and ill people, making charity and donation to needy people and contributing to constructive and well-being activities, sowing seeds of hope, planting trees, cleaning houses, streets and workplace, as well as wearing Sunday best are among the guiding principles of Nawruz.

This is the reason, generous individuals, including patriotic and dedicated entrepreneurs construct and launch small and large production, service and trade facilities in various districts and town of the country every year on the onset of this ground holiday and thereby create thousands of new jobs.

Dear Compatriots!

We are proud that Tajikistan is the motherland of Nawruz, and every year Nawruz celebrations, as the start of spring activities and blessing of the year, inspire first and foremost the farmers with a new energy in our country.

We are jointly with the hospitable people of Tursunzoda town and other districts and towns of our country continuing celebration of Nawruz holiday in this beautiful and advanced town of our country.

Tursunzoda, which is famous for its generous people, brave youngsters and delicious grapes and fruits, is blessed by the name of the Hero of Tajikistan, an outstanding poet and celebrity – Mirzo Tursunzoda. Mirzo Tursunzoda created the major part of his works calling for peace and glorifying friendship and cooperation of peoples particularly at the bank of Qaratogh river and enriched the peace-loving pillar of the globe.

This town of friendship, which is named after this wise son of his nation, has a celebratory dress today and became more charming and beautiful. We always remember and respect this Master of writing, who popularized our motherland with his world known poems.

It is very symbolic to celebrate the ancient Nawruz holiday in Tursunzoda town, since its ancient people made a valuable input in sustainability of generosity, historical and cultural pillars of Nawruz and preservation and continuation of the noblest national traditions.

The various facilities that we launched in Tursunzoda town are the vivid examples of the generosity and constructive input of the patriotic residents of this area for the prosperous future and they are their gift on Nawruz holiday.

Only, during the last two years, with the support of the Government of Tajikistan and dedicated efforts of this town’s residents and generous entrepreneurs 11 various facilities amounting TJS 31 million were launched, and dozens of other projects are under construction.

I believe that the hard-working people of this magnificent and modern corner of our homeland will further make efforts for the progress and development of our beloved country as the residents of the town of friendship and cooperation.

Tursunzoda town has many popular and experienced farmers and its residents are exemplary for effective use of water and land resources management, increased productivity of crops and land management overall. There is no doubt that they will continue working hard and honestly to ensure abundance of food products, strengthen our country’s export capacity and ensure Tajikistan’s food security.

This beautiful city has a paradise landscape and many historical sights, which can also develop as a town of tourism alongside with being and industrial area. Magnificent landscape of Qaratogh and Shirkent areas in this town can serve as a source of tourism development.

According to our ancestors’ noble traditions, we start the period of sowing and other capital improvement activities, establishment of orchards, cleaning our places of living, decorating streets and avenues and preparing town and villages for celebration by the arrival of spring and Nawruz period in our country.

Continuation of these noble traditions of our ancestors is the best ever opportunity to improve the young people’s level of education, promote creative activities and healthy lifestyle, decent behavior, sense of national identity and future stability and flourishment of our beloved country.

Agricultural farming is the main occupation of the rural people in Tajikistan. Given its production capacity, our country may transfer into the place of production of high-quality agricultural products, further increase the export of its products to overseas, and ensure protection of food security, which is one of the strategic objectives of our Government.

Therefore, alongside with Nawruz celebrations, our people need to effectively use every day of the Spring and get engaged in sowing, planting trees, establishing orchards and cleaning streets, squares and avenues.

Particularly, thanks to generosity and sincere sense of patriotism of our people, we managed to continue the implementation of our strategic objectives – construction of largescale hydropower and transportation linkage facilities, economic reforms, development of agriculture, national industry, including the local raw materials processing even within the global financial crisis, and we are strongly intended to achieve energy security, ensure connectivity of our country and food security in Tajikistan.

Honorable Compatriots!

Nawruz, which is being celebrated at a high level in our country, is a valuable source of spiritual development, the main means of unification of all residents of our country, which leads people towards peaceful and blessed life.

Nawruz grants to our ancient and civilized people new power and energy in implementing their constructive development activities.

Let me once again extend my congratulations on the occasion of this Ground Holiday to all noble people of Tajikistan, our compatriots living overseas, all Tajiks and Persians of the world and all peoples and nationalities of the globe, who celebrate this magnificent holiday, and also to all youngsters and adults of hospitable Tursunzoda town.

It is my full belief that having availed the blessings and grace of Nawruz, the industrious and experienced residents of Tursunzoda town will make new achievements this year also and will continue making dedicated and honest efforts for further development of industry and agriculture, and improvement of our people’s living standards.

I wish this glorious holiday brings happiness, new development activities, abundance, and table full of delicious products and peace and unity as the best Nawruz gift to our beautiful country, including to the land of experienced and high-skilled people of Tursunzoda town.

Happy Nawruz Holiday, Distinguished Compatriots!



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