President of the Republic of Tajikistan

Annual address of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon to Majlisi Oli Republic of Tajikistan

30.04.2007 13:00, Dushanbe city

Distinguished members of Majlisi Milli and the deputies of Majlisi Namoyandagon!

Last 2006 was yet another year of progress and significant achievements in various directions of internal and foreign policy of our independent country.

Our success in different spheres of national economy was analyzed in detail during annual session, as well as existing problems and the ways of their solution were discussed and tasks for 2007 were précised and determined too.  

Great political and cultural events of the last year, first of all the 15th anniversary of state independence of Tajikistan, anniversary of Aryan civilization and the 2700th anniversary of ancient city of Kulob  had proved that peace and stability, national unity, well-being and prosperity of society are holy and important values for honorable and glorious people of country.

Parliament members and the people of Tajikistan are well remembering that a number of constructive measures were envisaged for the sake of economic-social development of the country in the last year message of the President.  Their implementation made a solid base for the progress of country and solution of its important topical issues. We reached following achievements and progress last year:

- reform process in all constituent part of economy has obtained a new progress and varieties in qualitatively new level were realized in separate fields;

- in order to get the country out of communication isolation, «Istiqlol» pass-way was put into operation, construction of two more pass-ways had begun and reconstruction of highways to China, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan has significantly moved ahead;

- providing hydro-energy independence of Tajikistan on the basis of construction of several small and medium hydro-power stations, as well high-voltage electricity transmission lines became a real opportunity of development;

- construction of several factories and equipping them with the modern technology were set in for the development of light industries’ fields, especially for Lint Cotton Full Processing and food and vegetable processing in Tajikistan;

- significant prerequisites are made for construction of modern hotels and other social infrastructure buildings in the country; 

- reform of administrative sector has been enhanced and the process has definitely promoted the solution of tasks to provide a transparency in activity of all structures and authorities, to refrain from repetition of functions, struggling against corruption and compliance to market economy;

- all tasks and duties regarding increase of wages and social maintenance of population are being pledged in time.

It should be noted, that Tajikistan has experienced very difficult problems within the years of its independence and it is on the start point of new progress stage now.

Important feature of this stage is to sustain the social-economic development of the country through the establishment of modern and competitive market economy.

With the aim of creating regular and science-based future development of the country, the Government of Tajikistan has worked out and submitted for consideration to Majlisi Oli Republic of Tajikistan long-term and medium-term documents – National Development Strategy of the Republic of Tajikistan till 2015 and Poverty Reduction Strategy for 2007 - 2009. 

These programmes were directly worked out by scientists, qualified experts and specialists of the country within 4 years with the ingenuous participation of political parties and civil society institutions and were adopted in the Session of the Government after comprehensive consideration and discussions in different regions of country and meetings held with the humanitarian organizations.

A primary goal of the implementation of these strategies is to provide a systemic and progressive development of economy and increase of the living standard of the people of Tajikistan that fully meet the Millennium Development Goals.   

Taking this opportunity, I express confidence that the members of parliament will consider and ratify these strategies very soon.

With the object of goal achievements which are determined on the basis of these programmes, provision of following national priorities will be foreseen:

The first; state administration reform will be further continued, that is focused on improvement of system of management and possesses a specific feature like transparency of the activity of all the branches of government and struggling against corruption. 

The second; small and medium entrepreneurship development and intensification of investment flow will be provided, which based on widening of economic liberty, strengthening of property right, law observance and enhance of cooperation of government with the private sector.

The third; human resources development that mainly focused on increase of volume and quality of social services to the population, achievement of Millennium Development Goals and active participation of the people will be provided in the process of the state development and strengthening of social partnership.

Implementation of these priorities will create favourable conditions for building advanced country and formation of quiet and stable society where all the members of society will have equal opportunities for use of social-economic development achievements.

Successive realization of National Development Strategy and Poverty Reduction Strategy should be provided taking into account following requirements:

The first; aims, priorities and main directions of these documents are important base for other long-term state, regional, sectoral programmes and for external aid coordination programmes as well.

The second; This strategy will be implemented by providing the rapid development of economy which is based on efficient utilization of reserves and existing opportunities.

The third; coordination of activity of all development partners will be provided on the basis of the principle of equality of the state and private sectors.   

The fourth; With the aim of creating a system of national development – competence, responsibility and a role of central and local governing bodies will be improved, activity coordination of local state executive administrations and involvement of civil society institutions to the discussion process of adopted decrees and their further implementation will be provided.

A number of actions have been made for the economic management development. The number of governmental ministries and committees were reduced from 25 to 17 and structures under the Government from 17 to 13.

With the purpose of investments attraction, providing the favorable conditions for investments, reasonable utilization of the state properties and support of entrepreneurship, State Committee on Investments and State Properties Management (SCISPM) was established.

Today, the Government needs to take necessary decisions for complying acting legislation with the activity of newly-formed agencies, and to submit it to the Parliament for consideration.

The State Agency of Financial Monitoring and Struggle against Corruption was established for the effective usage of state resources, providing transparency of monitoring activity, elimination of double audit, duplication of the activities and accelerating struggle against corruption. 

Directions of National Strategy till 2015 which are include tasks on the governmental structures reform, macroeconomic development, investment climate improvement, development of the private and entrepreneurial sectors, regional cooperation and integration into the world economy, creation of favorable institutional condition are provided and will contribute to economic development of the country.

According to the Poverty Reduction Strategy, GDP will be no less than 7 percent until the end of 2009, the level of foreign investments with the main capital up to 20 percent of GDP, and expenditure part of the State Budget will reach the level of 21 percent of the GDP.

Private sector’s share will be increased from 43 percent in 2005 to 55 percent in 2009.

There are 43 billion somoni, including 24 billion somoni from own resources will be drawn from all sources within the framework of implementation of the National Development Strategy for the period till 2015.

National Development Council will be established and play an important role in coordination of economic and institutional reforms in the country. Government members, members of Parliament and civil society will affiliate with the Council.

This initiative will create an opportunity to strengthen democratic bases of new reforms.

Implementation of tasks in microeconomic policy regarding development of mechanisms of establishing the market relations, including direct regulation of the principles by taking into account the increase of the effectiveness of government resources management and taxations, strengthening the system of identification of perspective of macroeconomic figures, statistics, financial policy, money and credit.

With the aim of provision of transparency and efficient use of state financial resources for the first time in Budget of 2007 all the benefit sources are unified with amount of 3 billion and 300 millions somoni. 

But it should be pointed out, that now, not all existing financial recourses have been completely attracting to budget.

Consequently, the Ministry of finance, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, State Statistic Committee and Committee of Taxation under the Government are instructed to improve accounting system and detail reporting of activity of economic units and provide transfer to the international standards of the finance accounting. 

In this regard, the Government needs to consider the solution of registration of tax-payers and sources of taxation, taxation efficiency of natural stocks users and tax privileges.

It is also important to consider taxation of commercial and other types of service or population enterprises, which have high volume of service and income, with patent type or other adapted regulations of taxation, in the case of necessity to make amendments into the present legislation and to submit detail proposals.

Moreover, it’s important to make decision on establishment of common information network and providing exchange of electronic information in the fields of customs, tax and finance of the state.

Providing economy with money and credits, keeping a proper level of inflation are the main components of money and credit policy.

The National Bank should make necessary practical decisions on the basis of the development of banking system.

The most important of them are: establishment of favourable conditions for attracting of savings, increasing the valid competition through opening the markets for penetration of foreign banks, multiplication of the volume of credit, especially small credit in remote mountainous areas.

Banking system of the country has to be more active, support the economic development and introduce new technologies.

There are 530 million somoni was offered in Tajikistan as a small credits in 2006, on the base of whole sources, and this amount should be twice multiplied within this year, that is 1 billion and 100 million somoni. 

The real sectors of economy like fuel and energetic complex, agriculture and infrastructure will put a strong base for the improvement of mutual cooperation between state and private sectors, also attracting of investment, especially direct investments for the sustainable and rapid development of country’s economy.

One of the important factors of economic development is involving of foreign investments. Last years, the flow of foreign investments, basically direct investment is growing up. About 2 billiard somoni of investments was flown in 2006 from all the sources, which 1.3 billiard somoni out of them are foreign direct investments.

However, a new period of economic development requires more investments and improvement of the investment mechanism.

Therefore, the State Committee on Investment and State Property Management, Ministries of economic development and trade, finance and other related departments need to provide definite proposals regarding role of investment projects and its conditions.

With the aim of improvement of investment climate stimulation of state legislation procedures, it is necessary to establish Consultation Councils for making investment climate better.

The main objectives of the government in infrastructure development for the forthcoming years are reform, realization of industrial and innovative activities, upgrading the effectiveness of available resources and launching new investment projects.

Nowadays, it’s necessary to develop structure of industrial factories and accelerate equity market, offer shares of industrial factories for investors and provide terms for the competition development in the field of production.

In this regard, Ministries of finance, economic development and trade, State Committee of Investments and State Property Management and National Bank are obliged to consider concrete measures on implementation of mentioned tasks.

Therefore, in this direction the Government is obliged to take necessary measures for creating free economic zones as soon as possible.   

For providing energetic security and turning Tajikistan into the main exporter of electricity, the professional reform of this field is planned, which with the support of establishment of International Financial Consortiums several Hydro Power Stations might be constructed.

There are more than 4.5 billion somoni are allocated in a view of foreign direct investments in the field of state investment project in the next 3 years.

Accordingly, the Government is obliged to consider financial participation order of factories and home enterprises as well citizens, despite of type of property, should be stimulated for construction of hydro-power stations.

It’s important to realize the Concept of Energetic Development of the Republic of Tajikistan until 2015.

The primary role should be played by given of full supply of the country’s needs and increasing of electricity export.

As the advantage of national economy the Government of Tajikistan has allocated more than 1 billion and 800 million somoni from its source for the energetic development, also 2.070 million somoni for construction of Sangtuda-1 and 760 million somoni for Sangtuda-2 hydro-power stations.

Implementation of the said projects on hydro power stations, especially 17 small hydroelectric power stations which under construction will allow the improvement of electricity needs of the remote areas of the country. Consequently, more attention will be paid to the issue on decreasing of technological amortization of electricity.

In view of abundant supplies of coal in Tajikistan and possibilities to put on coal basis the thermal centers and some of factories and plants, drawing up investment projects for construction of coal-based power stations should be studied and carried out comprehensively.

It should be mentioned that by taking into consideration the foreign investments for development of such spheres like energy, industry, agriculture, transportation, communication and social spheres, there are 82 joint projects will be carried out, which are totally equal to 9 billion somoni, which there are 50 projects in a volume of 7.4 billion somoni is being implemented now and it will positively affect to expand mentioned spheres in next three years. There are 1.6 billion somoni will be allocated for construction of roads and pass-ways within this period.

Establishment of favorable conditions to enhance small free entrepreneurship has an influence not only on providing people with jobs, but definitely affects also evolution of the country’s economy.

For the sake of efficient use of production priorities of Tajikistan and support of most important industrial fields a number of measures, including providing investment projects in the spheres of light and food industries should be elaborated. Taking into consideration the increase of economic needs, a special attention should be paid on constructing materials industry.

In order to guarantee the food security of the country, adoption of Food Security Programmes and growth of production and export of agricultural products till 2015 is foreseen.

First of all, increasing productivity of cotton industry should be done through solving the debt problems of cotton manufacturers according to the Government action plans, guarantying the freedom of farmers in selection of cultures and slackening the influence of local authorities into their activities. According to this, it is necessary to provide a reasonable use of land, work out a new mechanism of investment to agricultural manufacturing and elaborate essential needs to use investments properly.

There are 900 million somoni will be invested in agricultural field in a next three years out of different investment sources and 200 million somoni will be aimed at this area in 2007 for improvement of land-reclamation, new land development and land-survey. 

Along with that, it is necessary for the Ministry of agriculture and protection of environment, Ministry of energy and industry, Ministry of economic development and trade and local authorities in regions, cities and districts to make real decisions in realization of “Development program of processing and export of agricultural products for the period of 2007-2015”.

Taking into consideration that the integration into the world economy is an important factor of economic development of Tajikistan, it is necessary to further continue making arrangements for country’s integration worldwide and regional and international organizations, liberalization of foreign trade and introducing modern methods and the ways of international cooperation. 

Now the process of negotiations has been positively proceeding regarding Tajikistan membership into the World Trade Organization.

The Government and the Parliament should play a key role to accelerate solution of a complex of the questions related to the adaptation of the national legislation and system of economic activities with the World Trade Organization provisions.

Dear audience!

Last years, in view of importance and necessity of solving social issues, the Government of the country attaches paramount significance to improvement of financial condition of this sector.

In spite of the fact, that social expenditures of the state in 2006 have been made half of all the expenses of the budget and a number of laws and programs were adopted in this area, nevertheless, there no significant progress is observed in this field.

Moreover, in connection with influence of a demographic factor and growth of population, the requirements for social services have been increasing from year to year.

(In 1992 the population was 5 million 572 thousand person, and in 2007 it has reached 7 million 200 thousand. The growth was one million and seven hundred thousand that is equaled to the population of cities and regions of the republican subordination).

In these conditions, realization of the measures stipulated in the National Development Strategy and Poverty Reduction Strategy will allow to increase human potential and to expand its opportunities.

In the field of education which is one of priority directions of social policy of the state, the nearest years the establishment from the financial point of view of the proved standards of the guaranteed education with simultaneous perfection of the legislation adjusting the activity of this sphere is necessary.

This step is to raise the independence of the institutions of education at all levels.

It is necessary to provide measures on adaptation of opportunities of granting of educational services by a private sector.

With this purpose adaptation of standards of all educational levels in view of the state financial support both demographic development and reduction of the contents of textbooks and manuals, and also evident means and other manuals conformity with requirements of the modern national state is necessary.

For implementation of new programs on uniform regulation of the management of education, association of educational institutions in Internet network, increase of a level of knowledge of pupils under human rights, a healthy way of life and to increase of a level of specialized knowledge of teachers take the certain measures.

Also it is being carrying out of inventory and monitoring of the infrastructure in the field of education and material-technical base of all educational establishments are expected.

Realization of the “Program of computer maintenance in specialized and high schools of Republic Tajikistan for 2003-2007” is to be finalized this year. In connection with finalization of the above Program, it is necessary for Ministry of Education to develop and present the second stage of reforms for 2008-2015.

From year to year financing education field is being improved. If in 2006 there are 336 million somoni have been allocated, in 2007 it will be increased for 506 million somoni.

For the construction of schools and publishing textbooks in 2006 from the budget and other resources in general the sum on 52 million somoni has been allocated. In the result there are 125 educational establishments were built and reconstructed.

Last years, numbers of schools of new types, grammar schools, lyceums and specialized schools have increased. Today there are 84 gymnasiums schools, 50 lyceums and 9 specialized schools functioning in the country. In these establishments the order of training are conducted by new methods. Moreover, this year it is planned to put into operation a republican grammar school for 1000 places for especially gifted children in Dushanbe.

Construction of a Presidential boarding school for orphans has begun in the city of Kurgan-tube and it is planned to finish at the end of next year.

Designing construction of buildings of the Tajik State National University in Dushanbe comes to the end, that one university building and a dormitory will be constructed and put into operation every year.

And also construction of National library of the Republic Tajikistan, adequate to the international standards will begin this year.

Construction of new educational buildings of Technical University and repair of dormitories for more than 2000 students are planned to begin since 2008.

Founding Branch of the State Pedagogical University by the name of S.Ayni will begin in Rasht valley.

At present, the amount of professional technical establishments has increased.

Today there are more than 202 000 pupils are studying in high educational and professional establishments. An amount of students of high educational establishments, in comparison of 69 thousand of 1991 has reached to 141 thousand that it is increased almost for two and half times.

Along with the increase in amount of pupils and students in primary, secondary and high educational institutions, above all, it is necessary for directors of the given establishments to pay special attention to quality of teaching and education, to take efficient measures for enriching material-technical base of the schools, establishment of the laboratories, methodical studies, electronic libraries and constructing of modern dormitories.

First of all, it is very essential for the country to accomplish the issue of training of personnel within the country.  Training in educational institutions of Tajikistan specialist’s respondent to the new challenges in the world market is another important issue. They should possess two or three foreign languages and know usage of modern technology.

Moreover, training of new personnel abroad in those fields, where Republic of Tajikistan has needs should be another important task.

Despite of some recent arrangements in the sphere of education, the level of education, process of teaching and activities of heads of educational institutions at all levels needs serious improvements.

In addition, it’s the time for executive power of Government in provinces, cities and districts, public unions, parental committees and all the members of society to pay attention to the problem of training in the educational institutions in order to raise the level of enlightenment and world outlook, national acknowledgments, pride for the homeland and responsibilities of citizenry of new generation.

Distinguished deputies!

In near future, there are main directions of development of science as the important part of social policy of the Government will primarily consist of: effective use of scientific potential and renovation of material and technical resources of scientific institutions, development of national scientific integration process and expansion of international technical and scientific relationship.

For that purpose, there is a need for new expansion in the changes of scientific parts both in Academy of science of the Republic of Tajikistan and other academic spheres and universities of Tajikistan.

Actually, the progress of society without development of production, especially industry is not possible. For the development of production, science, innovation   and inventions are needed. Investments in the sphere of science are increasing year by year.

Science, generally natural history and technical science for the most part should be directed towards development of production. Activities of Academy of science in this direction are still poor.

Research institutes of Academy of science and Academy of agricultural science should increase effectiveness of scientific research and innovations. Administrative methods on them have to be changed as well. For the accomplishment of this task conservative principles should be removed. Main focus needs to be directed to those spheres that are stand for the improvement of economy and society.

Accelerating of fundamental reforms in an order of public health, which has the aim of widening easy access of population to the medical services, issue and application of concept of public health reformation, program of basic provision of first aid for medical and sanitary purposes with spreading of improved order of types of guaranteed suggestions for medical services and improvement from one level to the level of norms on public health are our important tasks.

Only for the last year and this year the Government of Tajikistan has attracted 80 investment projects at the rate of 465 million somoni into the sphere of public health, where most of them are being realized in the form of grant.

Improvement of access for medical services with intelligent distribution of financial savings, as well as with the use of individual investments methods in the level of provision of first medical aid and sanitary help spending in the hospitals will be adopted.

This action will provide transparent use of budget funds and direct relationship of investment with the results of medical institutions activity.

Increasing quality of medical services for the population, Ministry of health together with the Ministry of finance should accelerate new methods of financing for these fields in accordance with specialty of the region and put forward for consideration of the Government.

In order to complete this task, it is necessary for the Government to prepare draft law on Health Family.

Preparation of draft law of the Republic of Tajikistan “on voluntary Medical insurance of the citizens of the Republic of Tajikistan” and “on medical insurance” has became important.

Fulfillment of arrangements stated above will allow till the year 2009 gradually increase indicators of public health of the country mentioned on Millennium Development Goals document.

Reformation on the protection of social structure of population with adoption of new conception on development of directions and improvement of law application, conception on protection of social structure of population, by stages expansion of solid pension financing and order for insurant person’s individual bill will be realized.

In addition, establishment of exchange of information between departments of employment of the population, social insurances, migration and provision of pension is needed.

In order to comprehend the most of population with occupation and implementation of government policy in the field of foreign labor migration, a set of measures will be set up for new jobs, including incentive the private and business sectors, attract the investments, support employment of women, as well national creative ability and home labor, retraining of unemployed for new jobs, which have big demand and supply in labor markets and promote the extension of the kind of activities temporarily and seasonally.

According to this matter, the National Bank, Saving Bank of ”Amonatbonk” and the Ministry of finance will be obliged to take efficient measures in order to increase privileged and small credits for 3-4 times very soon.

Except of it, in order to make easy the process of job searching and securing of organizations with labor forces the channel of service consulting in the center of employment will be extended.

Realization of paramount arrangements in the sphere of social protection that were mentioned, in a near future will permit the effectiveness of the governmental money funds of social insurances and as a whole the discipline of pension would bring up high, increase of persons that are comprehended in the social insurances and according with it the involvement of taxes will proliferate and the level of unemployment will diminished.

Ensuring social protection of vulnerable population has been increased in this year and it counted 450 million somoni and 44 million out of it, would be supplied the oppressed and relief fund for poor population.

All these arrangements of the sphere of social protection are directed at improvement of living standard of 650 thousand old people, invalids, homeless and uncared families.

Effective and in time implementation of these arrangements, first of all, depend on reasonable and responsible activity of the Government, especially Ministry of labor and social protection of population, as well as the executive offices of the state, regions and districts administrations.

Along with this, it is the solemn task for every heads of the governmental organizations and enterprises, as well as private businessmen to penetrate new technologies, to build a plenty of small and medium enterprises and promote the most of population with the job places.

It is the great patriotic mission of them in solving of reducing poverty line problem.

Dear audience!

Tajikistan as an inseparable part of law society of the world is a follower of the international convention norms and provides the further development of the state and the progress of society of the country with the wide using of culture, tradition and national historical values. Furthermore, our country is in the condition of state independence and modern nation.

Constitution of national government and creation of national state organization with the process of self-knowledge and national unity, patriotism, historical acknowledgement and behavior values has a direct connection.

In this case, we must always remember that Tajiks as one of the ancient Arian nation is the bearer of more then fifty thousand historical civilizations and has a culture of state building and state government.

During many centuries our brave ancestors in course of their life and even out of it, were at the beginning of great mental revolution and creature of cultural development, founder of power states, authors of philosopher science, law, medicine nature studies, which served for hundred of years for the mankind and nowadays are playing essential role.

A great cultural arrangement, including celebration of nation children’s holiday, historical celebration of towns and all holidays like this, from one hand is an honored respect to our history and from another hand, a warm feeling of patriotism in the heart of the people, first of all the youth, self-acknowledgement and nation pride of each honorable man.

We believe, that celebration of the 800th anniversary of Mavlono Balkhi and the 1150-year of the founder of Tajik-Persian classic literature Rudaki will be held on a high level and again will play the essential role for the self acknowledgement of nation and feeling of patriotism. Because these both great historical persons of world are the children of ancient Tajik nation.

Another question, which is directly related to bringing up of today and future generation - is to improve the level of people literacy.

The role of books and libraries is very important to reach this aim. In this regard the Government of Tajikistan has accepted two programs for the development of library activities for the period 2006-2015 years, total cost of which is eight million somoni.

Nowadays, there 1330 libraries, book fund sof which account 13 million volumes in our country are functioning in our country.

Thereupon, publication, edition and popularization of reading demand a very serious approach. Reading must be very important part of generation breeding. Our nation has occupied a fitting place in the world with books and reading, diligence and education.  

Taking into consideration the essential role of books and book holding, knowledge and education, declare among other holidays, the day of National library to establish as a Day of book.

Very important is to foresee the “Government program for the development of polygraph industry for the 2008-2015 years” and subsequently to facilitate a favorable technical condition, high-quality papers and in general, all forms of edition and modern printing trades for the inland publication of belles-lettres and scientific learning books.

In this regard, Ministry of Economic development and trade, Ministry of finance, Ministry of culture, Ministry of education and State Committee on Investments and State Property Management should envisage necessary proposals for further implementation. 

The Mass Media, including Radio and TV, being today a tool reflecting political, economic, social and cultural life of the country have to play more active role in formation of modern society and youth world-outlook.

Formation and development of information policy as an integral part of internal and foreign policy of the country have to assist in realization of Constitution requirement with regard to establishing of independent, democratic, legal and secular state.

The activity of Mass Media first of all should comprise the comprehensive system of information related to upbringing of national consciousness and patriotism as well as propagating of indeed national and cultural traditions along with the current positive results of mankind development and the best achievements in a world culture.

Besides this, the Government has been instructed to elaborate the Conception on State Information Policy, which should provide citizen with constitution right to access information and assist world community in obtaining real information with regard to important invents occurred in Tajikistan.

The Government intends to take further measures concerning democratization in all the spheres of society life. In the frame of this policy the law should be improved to provide wide protection of citizen rights and freedom.

Till present, we undertook many measures in this strategic direction.

However, it should be stressed, that we are still at the beginning of this long way, which consists from various difficulties and to gain our last goal we need continuously contribution from everyone government officials and all the members of society.

The foundation of such state is civilized society which consists from free, equal, educated, creative and initiative people.

In formation of civil society and upbringing its active members, political parties and public organization have to play an important role alongside with the relevant governmental structures too.

The role of law, its governance and observance are very important in forming the civil society. Therefore, it was stressed many times, that law has to regulate every day life of each person and activity of organizations, as well as relation among the members of the society.

Law is a measure which comprises interests of all the members of society, justice principles and serves as a toll to promote development of society, strengthening common concord and stability.

It this regard, particular attention should be paid to the process of law elaboration and discussion on them. We have been permanently trying to adopt perfect laws which exactly adjust relation in society.

Majlisi Oli and first of all Majlisi Namoyandagon have to play main role in this regard.

Although at present time, there are hundreds laws which provided legal basis for stability, development of society and regulation of different public relation have been adopted by the Parliament of the country, but lack of laws is still existing.

Sustainable development and our historical goals demand constantly to improve laws in the field of social life, economics, finance, credits and investment policy because mentioned spheres are rapidly developing and there is a need to improve timely legal basis which provide legislative regulation for them.

The main purposes related to the improvement of legislation are avoiding of inconsistence among the laws and providing their correspondence to modern conditions.

We pointed this issue many times, however misunderstandings of legislative documents in a legal practice are still observed.

In addition to that, there is a need for harmonization of national laws with the internationally recognized law norms.  In fact, we recognized the superiority of the norms of international law above national laws, that this issue requires special attention.

Realizations of our supreme goals are impossible without provision of the rule of law and their absolute implementation, without their legal order and stability of society.

In this regard, the law enforcement bodies and the country’s military structures have accomplished important and considerable missions.

For further strengthening of law and order, stability of the society, the fight against the modern threat and crimes – terrorism, extremism, illicit drugs trafficking, human trafficking and transnational crimes has to be conducted.

Year by year increasing production of illicit drugs in Afghanistan increases the level of dangerousness of the mentioned challenges which threaten the stability of the region and the world as a whole. 

In this regard, it is important for the said structures for reaching outstanding results to strengthen the cooperation with their partners from other countries.

To implement their duties qualitatively the personnel of these structures should be trained, possess organizational skills, be patriot and with the feeling of national pride have been consciously fulfilling their task.

One of the important factors of stability is the development of legal system. In addition to the taken measures in this regard the reform program of judicial and rights have been set in which embraces the ways and specific terms of further strengthening and development of judicial branch are foreseen.

Provision of law and justice by the judicial system is the most important stipulation of the development of country and the achievement of the final goals.

With respect to law issues and procedures of state legislation, I would like to point out an issue that concerns human rights of person and citizen in my country.

The independent state of Tajikistan being committed to its international obligations fulfils all the terms of conventions on human rights.

All the spheres of the Government as well as the institutes of civil societies are making all efforts in realization of these goals.  Additionally, it is my duty as the President to carry out and provide norms of the Constitutions of the country on high values of human and its right and freedom.

For the purposes of increasing activity in this field and developing further process of democratization of society as well as advancing human rights level, I think it is a time to establish a National institute on human rights.

This structure as one of the democratic institutes should assist in relation and cooperation of state institutes with civil societies.  It is important that all the organizational and legal matters should be considered.

The other issue that demands joint efforts of all state spheres, political and public communities, mass media, high and secondary schools, intelligentsia and all society is encouraging law knowledge and consistent improvement of legal knowledge of youth.

Dear Distinguished members of Majlisi milli and the deputies of Majlisi Namoyandagon!

Today, new system of international relationship has seriously requires that independent Tajikistan should implement its most important national interests like ensuring independence and freedom, protection of political security and stability, strengthening of national unity and sustainable development of the country on the basis of comprehensive and approved strategy.  

Therefore, our foreign policy, primarily, is focused on creating favourable and constructive conditions for enhancing of material and cultural potential of the country and should advance taking into account the requirements of varying world, newest analyzing process in international relations, pursuing and finding out the best ways of national interest implementation and intensification of friendship atmosphere of cooperation and relationship with the other countries.   

As I have previously noted for time and again, a main process of international life is globalization that at the same time with its economically focused positive role nature will significantly affect spiritual aspect of human being.

In such condition protection of being and national self-knowledge, high values of culture and achievements of civilization, as well as protection of traditions and behavior will become as an urgent and vital mission.

Intensification of clashes and competition of different potentials of the world, significantly weakening of international peace and stability, reinforcement of Nazi and racial groups are the facts of growth of world threat that require political adroitness, principal position and hard strives. 

At the same time, there is another fresh  tendency is existing along with the globalization process which is based on the principle of regional interests integration of the groups of the states.

Regions of Western Europe, South East Asia, Latin America and etc are striking example of this tendency.

Taking into account the main features of this important process, priority direction of our foreign policy is still intensification of relations with the countries of the region.            

Tajikistan as before, is convinced, that enhancement of comprehensive cooperation, use of potential and common opportunities focusing on rich and ancient traditions of our joint history undoubtedly can fully change a face of the Central Asia. 

However today, striving for turning our region into a land of raw material is sufficiently serious and only joint efforts and aspirations, effective and real integration and elimination of artificial problems can penetrate us into the global economy as a full-right partner.     

If we will take a look wider into the cooperation in Central Asia, we will find out that a new organization is needed for development of regional cooperation, which will be based on the strengthening and intensification of regional integration and economic relations without any ideologies.

Tajikistan offers that a new organization should by formed in a region and its function can be characterized like:

The first, all regional countries in this organization will have an equal right and obligation.

The second, member states have to work more closely for a common legal space. 

The third, the organization should provide free investment and service, commodities and labor recourses among all the member states.

The fourth, its primary goal should be a wise using of water, energy and mineral recourses in the region.

The fifth, this organization should provide a common scientific-cultural and humanitarian phase.

Tajikistan which supports such cooperation, believes, that security and peace in the region, development of Central Asian economic cooperation, getting rid of the problems of transition period and in general, gaining political and economic independence can be reached only by active and fruitful cooperation in the region.

However, unfortunately, this kind of problem still exists and there are subjective and objective issues that still impede development of cooperation.

Just, let see one example. Recently, there was a mercenary and selfish article concerning water recourses in Central Asia.

They wrote that Tajikistan is building new hydropower stations and, as allegedly this stops water stream of the region and other countries will feel water shortage.

Any minded person knows, that hydro-power station will not swallow water stream, but, it will use it for turning pipes and producing electricity. That is necessity of constant flow of water to the pipes.

Second, no any large hydro-power station can dumb billions cubic meters of water.

Third, this power station should work constantly, water should continuously flow and income from the electricity production will be used for previous costs.

In my opinion, the problems of shortage of water and producing of energy materials to other Central Asian countries should be a main issue for regulation of further cooperation.

It will be good, if we would faithfully cooperate and set friendly and fraternal relation, and all the problems should be solved in the frame of good neighboring, developing of economic and social relations. Tajikistan strongly supports this kind of relation and integration.

In this regard, I would like to say, that all what I mentioned before, are not simple words, and I want to comment some facts. The history knows, that for several centuries Tajikistan water resources have been used by other countries of Central Asia for meeting water demand and the irrigation of deserts for a long time. 

We never worked for the damage of fraternal people of the region, but on the contrary, we encourage any mutual cooperation and mutual understanding. Tajikistan still supports the issue of forming of water and energy Consortium in Central Asia.

But everybody knows and it is not a secret that at present, there is a demand for water, especially for drinking water and this problem has been growing year by year. 

To find solution of this important problem, Tajikistan proposes providing Central Asian countries with water of Sarez Lake, which has high quality from ecological point of view.

Majority of us are aware that Sarez Lake situated at 3300 meter altitude and it has 17 billiard cubic meters of fresh and high quality water. According to experts’ calculation, if water pipe with capacity 50 cubic meters per second is installed, this water will be enough to constantly provide approximately half of the population in the Central Asia. There are 600 kilometers distance from the lake till border of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

An altitude of this water reservoir gives an opportunity to pump it to relevant regions with less expenditure. In case of gaining accord from all the Central Asian countries we are ready to establish common Consortium and with assistance of International Financial Institutions to implement such great project benefiting for all the people of the region. In Islam, to give water for thirsting people considers as pleasing action. 

Finding the way to solve this issue, will help in setting problems related to the region ecosystem and reducing a threat concerning demolishing of Sarez damp.

Dear friends!

Taking into account all these issues, intensive geopolitical completion in a world scene and constant strengthening of external attempts to have control over these resources, urge Tajikistan to support integration process in region, including through mechanisms available in the framework of the Eurasian Economic Union.

We will consolidate our relation with the state members of the Union to defend our national interests.

At the present time, further development of multilateral relation, deepening political and military cooperation, strengthening economic and humanitarian ties with the Russian Federation are one of the main our goals.

We are continuing our active and effective cooperation with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization which started from common activity of Organization’s members in the fields fighting against terrorism, extremism, drug trafficking and transnational crime.

At the present time our cooperation in the frame of Organization includes besides mentioned spheres effective economic relations.

Therefore, we will develop and support cooperation in the framework of Organization as well as on the bilateral basis with each state member.

It should be particularly mentioned, that the level and content of relations with our Eastern neighbour – The People’s Republic of China has been developed and comprised the important cooperation projects benefiting Tajikistan.

Last year has particular importance in our cooperation. Signing ‘’Treaty on the good-neighborhood, friendship and cooperation’’ between two countries which took place during the state visit of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan to the People’s Republic of China should be considered as a new era in our relations and regional cooperation.

We believe, that this effective cooperation could be served as a good example and benefiting our people as well as the region and all entire the world.

Talking about our relation with the countries in the region, it should be stressed, that we support regional cooperation to improve the living standard of our people and strengthening security in the region.

We are not in position to divide security and realizing that security of each country is depended from neighbor and based on International coalition against terrorism aimed on fighting with modern threats in the region that we have constructive cooperation.

In this regard, we will further enhance our relationship with the western counties who today are obliged ensuring Afghanistan’s security and combating modern threats and challenges. Both in economic issues and in solution of topical issues of humanity we will more strengthen our efficient cooperation with the western countries, and especially with the United States of America.

Tajikistan has Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA) with the European Union and intensification of relations as well as their widening will be in a favour of mutual interests. 

In this process, we will improve our bilateral cooperation and partnership relations with all the countries of European Union.

As previously, we still are viewing a friendship, efficient and constructive cooperation with our neighboring countries of the region – Iran, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan and Turkey as priority direction of our policy.   

At the present time, it is naturally, that improvement of traditional relationship with Japan and other countries of South East Asia will have an important role in our foreign policy.

In my previous messages I’ve mentioned a necessity of enlargement and intensification of relations with the Muslim world, especially with Arab countries as a significant course of relationship. 

Revival of historic traditional relations, taking a joint opportunity and investments’ attraction of these countries for the development of Tajikistan is in the center of attention of foreign policy and is practically being realized.  

Dear friends!

Nowadays – it is a time to unite strives, aspirations and joint efforts towards the solving important issues of humanity, that regional and international organizations are the reflectors and coordinators of such activities.  

For that reason, independent Tajikistan is actively participating within the framework of these organizations and is in the favour of enhance of cooperation with the United Nations, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Organization of Islamic Conference and Economic Cooperation Organization.

We will further intensify our comprehensive relationship with all the international financial institutions.

As a full-right member of international organizations, we have to act according with the strictly observance of universal documents and their coordination with the high national and state interests, including to foreseen concrete details of Tajikistan’s participation in this organizations.  

The Ministry of foreign affairs, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, State Committee on Investments and State Property Management as the responsible bodies of protection of the interests are obliged to take real actions and their further promotion of this policy.

Economic diplomacy should consist of core axis of such policy which give positive impetus to further development of our beloved Tajikistan and improve its image in international arena.

In this regard, I would like to note it once again, that we support fair and democratic order of the world, where a favourable base for solving the problems of developing countries is being exist.                        

First of all, it is connected to the problems of external debts of these states which today this issue hampers the way of their further progress.    

Distinguished deputies!

Dear compatriots!

Five years have passed since a day when “open doors” policy was declared from this tribune.

Today we witnessing the accuracy of this policy and we see development of Tajikistan’s relations, which is located on international crossroads, with all northern and western countries and as before we are adherent of such constructive relation with all the countries in the world.

Our native land – Tajikistan today is an active, recognized and respected member of the international community. This position depends on each devoted citizen and also on elected representatives of the people, who have to make consistent efforts for today’s and tomorrows native land and its progress and for its firmness and clear voice as well.

Civil and native land responsibilities demand from each of us honest work, sincere faithfulness, constructive labour and creative efforts, high responsibility and will-power, national pride and exalted culture and also clean hand and heart, good intentions as well.

In current Tajikistan’s condition, when period of construction and creation is constantly continuing and we go further step by step to strategic aims of energy, communication, and food independence, contribution of legislative power institutions has been also increased.

Of course, to reach this high aims and ensuring creative large-scale plans is not easy and not for one or two years, it is our constant and daily task and demand from each conscious citizen, head of the state, members of Majlisi Milli, deputy of Majlisi Namoyandagon and starting from the members of Government to heads, experts and officers on lower level and generally all community, faithful and honest work.

If we recall all completed works since independence till now, in other words the passed way during fifteen years, and we can see that we did a lot for ensuring native land sovereignty, establishment of national state basis, prosperity of ancestor’s earth and peace for people.

During these years creative power and constructive efforts of the Tajik people increased twice, level of self-consciousness, national pride, native land and civic responsibility is highly increased.

In particular, will-power, sincere support, honest and constructive work of the people of Tajikistan contributed to creation of independent state system, securing peace and national accord, taking the road of sustainable economic development and direction of prosperity and construction towards fair and civil society, turning to development of education, science and culture.

Today thank to peace and stability, national accord, full independence and sovereignty that our Tajikistan is on a new stage of economic, social and cultural development, turned into state, which has modern market order relations, developing national economy and good environment for implementation of big plans.

As for me, as a head of the state, I’m confident that with support of wise, well-wishing the Tajik people, Tajikistan will reach completely a new stage of economic and social development, type of perfect and modern state system and deserved standards of living in a next five years.

We have good prospects and make decisive step towards high aims. New century will be a century of achievements of independence and development of national state system for us.

With the aim to reach this fine day and good life I wish all of you well-being and success.

Let banner of independence, peace and accord will be our guide towards future and peaceful life.

Thank you. 

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